photo by dan shure on instagram

Why I Will Never Ask You To Share My Content

The shares you see on Twitter or Google Plus might not arise as organically as you think. There’s an underground world of “share-asking” going on. Emails are sent behind the scenes, in which the creators of the content write to friends, colleagues and influencers asking for tweets and shares.

This all sounds pretty innocent. And it is. I’m not here to play moral police — not that it even has anything to do with morals.

It’s just not for me.

This means, if you ever see an “influencer” share my stuff … it’s because they chose to. I have not, nor will I ever, ask someone to tweet, plus, stumble, pin, like, up-vote, vine, thumb up … or even read, my work. I’ll let you discover it on your own.

“Wait, but … Dan!”

<manly voice>Yes?</manly voice>

“Don’t you believe in your work? Don’t you want people to see it?”


You got some ‘splainin’ to do.”

I do have some ‘splaining (haha imaginary voice, you talk so funny!) You see…

Creating the best content of my life, and asking for shares can not possibly coexist.

Why? Because the share is the one true metric I have that truly measures the impact my content has in the world.

I don’t want anyone sharing my stuff unless they. truly. find. value. in it.Yet if I ask them to share it, and they do, then I don’t really know how they feel, do I?

I’d rather no RT’s any day than someone just being nice to me. And over anything, I’d prefer honest, constructive feedback — so the NEXT time, I come that much closer to nailing it.

If I asked you to share something of mine — what does that say about how I value our relationship? Deep down, don’t you question my motives? Just a little bit?

What other gauges do I have as a measure for the quality of my content? How will I really know what worked, what didn’t, what resonates? If I need to step up? My goal is to make stuff people WANT to share, without any direct influence from me.

You may argue “But you’d just be emailing them, making sure they knew about it, what if they don’t notice it otherwise?”

I call BS. You know when I notice content? Even by people I don’t follow? When it’s SO. freakin. good. everyone is sharing it, posting it, talking about it. My friends are emailing it to me.

An “influencer” might not spot my posts today, because they are not following me today. But its all about, how do I get them share my stuff in a year? That changes the whole thing. Now I’m focused on consistently delivering quality stuff over a long period of time. THAT’s how super busy “influential” people end up noticing you. I can wait the long haul.

I believe relationships that are built with patience are stronger than those that arise from questionable motives. Even if I have no ill intentions, how do I know there other person doesn’t think I do?

Soliciting or “encouraging” shares are inversely proportionate to the effort I’m going to put into the content itself.

What’s more important? How many tweets or shares you get? Or how f-in extraordinary your content is? I’ll choose to work towards the latter.