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Why I Work Hard When I’m Happiest

Because the good days are the easiest to accomplish impossible things on.

What if I told you it was possible to write 20,000 words in one day?

I can crank work out when I’m happy. When I have a good day.

Good days are the ones where you have life-changing phone calls. Good days are the ones where one of your posts get published on a publication you used to only read. Good days are when you and your friends enjoy each others’ company. Good days are the ones where you meet someone attractive or someone you think may be special (yaw’m sayin?).

On good days, I don’t celebrate. I try not to party on the good ones. Instead, I put in as much work as I can so that on a normal day, I can build off that foundation.

The feelings themselves are reward enough. I lay the groundwork on good days because that’s when it’s easiest to do; in other words, it’s easiest to persuade myself to do it. When I see the fruit of my earlier labors come about, I realize that it’s all worth it. So I have no problem putting in a bit more work into the future’s fruit.

Statistically speaking, most days aren’t good days. They’re normal days. But good days are when you have the temporary ability to do things you would never have been capable of doing on a bad day, or you’d really have to drag yourself to do on a normal day. Good days are rare, so use them wisely.

As for me, I’ve resolved to use a larger proportion of my good days to make better normal days.

May the best of your todays be the worst of your tomorrows. - Jay-Z, Young Forever

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