Am I Ready? Yes, I have a Mentor

At different stages in life, we are presented with different opportunities and challenges. At each such encounter, we always ask ourselves: “Am I Ready?” to exploit that opportunity (or) face that challenge.

During such moments, our judgement gets cluttered and we feel that we are unable to come to the correct decision.

We feel restless, agitated, lonely, weak, etc.

Just as a coward who will whistle to himself in the dark, we look for encouragement from relatives, well-wishers.

We glorify our own weakness with some convenient & divine reasons, excuses

We stop perceiving the world as it is and project our confusions on people around us.

To extricate ourselves out of this confused state, we need a Mentor (or) Coach: A person to whom we can pour out all our mental confusions and exhaust our mind.

The day we have identified & signed up such a Mentor, we are ready in our journey. Be it Entrepreneurship (or) otherwise.

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