Common Core Math is Not the Enemy

why you hate it and why we need new perspective in education

Brett Berry
Oct 16, 2015 · 7 min read

If Algorithms Work, Why Shouldn’t We Primarily Teach Them?

Reason 1

We forget. All the time. Especially when we don’t understand why the algorithm works or if it has been a long time since we last used it.

Reason 2

The #1 complaint about math is: When will I use this in REAL LIFE?

Why is Common Core Math Hated by Parents?

Because the Common Core Math standards are trying to teach number sense and mental math techniques through various forms of diagrams and step-wise procedures that are new and look confusing.

This Isn’t New Math, It’s Number Sense

We call this new math, but it isn’t new at all.

What Now?

Befriend math! Be open to new perspectives and ask questions.

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Math Hacks

Tutorials with a fresh perspective.