I met someone world-famous

Your encounter exactly as it happened

Mel Gibson called me “bro”

After about two or three hours of navigating the Costa Rican mountains in our busted Rav4, I assumed the worst was behind us. Jacob, Alex and I were only 40-50 miles away from Santa Teresa, so I thought we’d be on the beach enjoying Piña Coladas in an hour or so.

Between the time I had that thought and the actual beach, we forded 2 rivers with…

Behind Aniston’s Back

A dinner in Morocco remembered

“What’s she doing now?”

“She’s dipping a bun in her sauce.” “Wait … what’s she doing now?”…

What Jeff Bridges Said

Santa Barbara Airport, the newly opened (beautiful) terminal, Wednesday morning. Who's sitting there a few feet away from us? Why he's probably on his way to play his…

When Muddy Passed Me the Whisky Bottle

Blues in E Flat

I was a terrible rock critic. I was young,full of myself, and trying to write like my idols. Since my idols were Lester Bangs and R. Meltzer, ‘twas a fool’s errand. But, as I said, I was young.

The Cellar Door in Washington, D.C. was a showcase club with a capacity of 163, honored more in the…

Catherine Deneuve and the Butcher’s Finger

A small town gets excited

We used to live out in the boonies, about 40km from Paris in a village of about 200 âmes, “200…

Herbie Hancock, Unplugged

Unwittingly unplugged, by me

While I was visiting Shanghai, I noticed that Herbie Hancock was appearing there in concert a couple of nights…

“Call me Larry”

Sir Laurence Olivier was visiting UCLA on the occasion of a film school event. His presence was the source of a huge buzz on the campus on this day in the early 1980's, well…

The Beatles: If I Needed Someone

In August, 1965, I had an idea: promote the music store where I worked by giving George Harrison, not the key to the city of Minneapolis, but the key to a…

The Day Ann Coulter Wished Me “Happy Earth Day”

On Earth Day 2004, some friends and I went to a neighboring college campus to watch Ann Coulter give a talk. Well, rant. She’s more of a ranter, really. The stuff of hyperbole.

It was her usual schtick: liberals are assaulting America, climate change is a hoax, etc. etc.

From meme to friend

It was my first year of college. As many of you have experienced, you meet a lot of people in college whether on purpose or accident. Some of them you become instant best…

Tipsy Eddie Vedder drove me around Neil Young’s ranch.

Growing up, I had the unique privilege of volunteering at a local benefit hosted by Neil Young to support disabled children. I met dozens of incredible musicians, but tragically, I didn’t listen to music, so I had no idea who Tom Petty, Billy Idol, Dave Matthews, Anthony Kiedas, or Billie Joe Armstrong were when I met them. I…

Raining Wilson

I used to work at Twitter. Among other things, this meant I had the opportunity to meet a lot of random celebrities.

The day I sold books to Johnny Cash

My family owns a large used bookstore in Nashville, not far from Music Row. I worked there when I was 19 and taking time off college to try to get my…

Peter Gabriel: So, what do you do?

At the 2006 TED I felt like an interloper—every single person was ultra-rich, famous, super accomplished, very eloquent, and more smarter-er than me.

The Godfather of Soul

I used to work in five star hotels. It was a good way to get through college. I did room service, valet, and stuff like that. During that time, I caught whiffs of a few…

I met someone world-famous
I met someone world-famous

Your encounter exactly as it happened

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