Echolocation | Gone Is Gone

It seems only a short while ago that I listened to Gone Is Gone eponymous debut and subsequently picked up my blown mind from the floor. The brainchild of members of Mastodon, Queens of the Stone Age and At the Drive-in, Gone Is Gone the album was more than the sum of its parts.

The first full-length album from the supergroup (though their debut was long by EP standards, IMO) is less intense but still packs a chune or six. Whilst Gone Is Gone was a little bit more Mastodon and At the Drive-in, Echolocation harks more to QOTSA — “Gift” wouldn’t be out of place on any QOTSA album.

There are a number of highlights here — the opener “Sentient” starts off all mellow, but then ascends to a crunchy and epic mid-tempo section that sets the stage for the rest of thr album; “Dublin” is all jagged rhythms and guitars that is reminiscent of Portishead at times; “Pawns” is a modern prog-rock masterpiece.

But the clear winner is “Echolocation”. Although it clearly loses its focus in its last third, the main riff and the main body of the song are simply spectacular. Highly flawed (like the rest of the album), but there is no denying the genius behind it.

This is a slight misstep to the side, but here is a band that should be relevant for many years to come.

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