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The audacity of Ivanka Trump and the wicked witch of Mississippi

We need to talk about Ivanka Trump’s infuriatingly tone-deaf interview with ABC’s Deborah Roberts, and how the very composed First Daughter did an excellent job revealing the finessed bitchiness, that resonates in her annoyingly breathy delivery, that’s become the signature move to enhance earnestness.

Ivanka is proudly her father’s daughter, and that echoed during the Q&A session where she insisted that breaking the rules when it came to the use of private emails in The White House can’t be compared to the case of Hillary Clinton — who is still relentlessly bullied and vilified by her father — who ungraciously coined the rally cry “lock her up” during the 2016 elections.

There was no attempt to circumvent.
There really is no equivalency. All of my emails that relate to any form of government work, which was mainly scheduling and logistics and managing the fact that I have a home life and a work life, are all part of the public record. They’re all stored on the White House system. So everything’s been preserved, everything’s been archived, there just is no equivalency between the two things.

The best part has to be her pompous reaction to the question of whether or not the “lock her up” slogan is applicable to her. Ivanka lets out a soft giggle as she dismisses the notion that she deserves the exact same scrutiny that her father’s embattled running mate had to endure.

That moment exposed so much about this woman’s character, and how she absolutely believes that she’s above the law. Ivanka thinks like her dad, and has seamlessly adopted his habitual mockery of the rules and regulations, that are in place to maintain an environment where law and order thrives.

She’s the absolute worst version of what White feminism can produce when a woman of this status can comfortably accept and tolerate the public berating and demeaning of other high-powered women by a man that she evidently respects.

Ivanka Trump is the epitome of White privilege, and how that breeds the blissful ignorance that embraces the disposition of being White and wealthy; in a world where such station pretty much guarantees immunity to the realities that keep regular folks in permanent bondage.

Like her god-awful father, Ivanka Trump isn’t much concerned with the terminally-ill diagnosis of a once-robust nation, neither is she weathering any ounce of guilt at the participatory role she’s playing as a vital member of this toxic administration.

When challenged with the truth of how the president’s harmful rhetoric has contributed immensely to the present climate of hate, Mrs. Kushner defiantly dismissed the notion that her father, who began his presidency praising White supremacists as “very fine people,” before recently outing himself as a White nationalist — could possibly be responsible for the divisiveness polarizing this country.

I reject that. I think that he’s creating policy that is going to uplift Americans.

WTF is she babbling about?!

The doting daughter with the over-sized rose-colored glasses prefers to view her hate-filled father as the “unifier” rather than the terrorizer, who has inspired an uptick in racially-motivated crimes, and mercilessly utilizes the power he doesn’t deserve as weaponry to threaten and destroy those that dare to hold him accountable.

Ivanka Trump is actually more dangerous than our thuggish president, because of her demure template, and how it shields her from the ire of the media and the public. She can be a silent enabler in this dire season of systemized chaos, and still not have to face the consequences that come with her complicit demeanor.

This chick is the damn “advisor to the president,” and yet she’s been able to ride the wave of privilege that allows her to operate in a capacity that she didn’t earn, simply because of who she is, and how that grants her permission to lack the qualifications for a job that she’s illegally engaged in.

Furthermore, it’s unnerving to witness Ivanka proudly living up to the family name by shamelessly evading the murky waters that she’s submerged in; thanks to her refusal to publicly and emphatically condemn the faulty and life-threatening policies, that her father recklessly institutes without consideration for how it affects the vulnerable and oppressed.

When pressed about why it’s been so damn easy for her to keep that mouth shut during periods of national duress, Ivanka’s frail response hyped up the fact that she’s just grateful to be employed at The White House, and anything outside of focusing on her agenda is off limits.

Wait, is she for real??

The damn “advisor to the president” doesn’t think her “perspective and opinion is relevant” because she wasn’t elected??

But she is very passionate about using her unmonitored influence at The White House as the valuable boost to her career trajectory; as she callously ignores and silently endorses the perilous state of our union, that’s disintegrating from the incredible strain of gun violence, domestic terrorism and the migrant crisis that has tragically hit a new low.

When asked about her father’s murderous rage towards migrants at the border, that was demonstrated with the tear gassing of women and children, her incoherent delivery and shifty body language said it all.

I…don’t believe that that’s…what he said. But his primary role as commander in chief is obviously to protect the nation’s borders. He has to protect our country’s security. But, I don’t… Lethal force in this case…would… that is not, I think, something that anyone’s talking about.

And when asked if she had any regrets, she shared this gem:

“I think misunderstanding the nature of bureaucracy.”

Lol! What a piece of work.

I guess if my father were an asshole president, who gets away with condoning nationalized racism and the lethal attacks against innocent Brown babies, while bequeathing my husband and I — unlimited access to the seat of power — I would be a cold-hearted bitch too.

Here’s the thing, Ivanka Trump is the Ice Princess that never thaws, and this works best when you are slathered in Whiteness with a trust fund that’s incalculable. She was obviously paying close attention to her father’s celebrated exploits, and luckily she’s in the position to dutifully execute the criminal activities of an enterprise that has gone rogue — with the backing of the GOP.

Whether she accepts it or not, Ivanka has blood on her hands, and history will not be flexible or kind when her name is mentioned for assessment. And as much as she relishes the visual of taking the oath of office in the future, it would #BeBest if she begins now to plan how she will comfortably occupy the jail cell that she and her gang of misfits will be assigned — sooner rather than later.

Wow! Just talking about it gets me giddy!

However, talking about the wicked witch of Mississippi, Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith makes me sick to my stomach.

This racist Republican made her party proud, and her president even prouder, when she jokingly promised to gleefully snatch a front row seat to a “a public hanging” if a supporter extended the invite. Hyde-Smith made the revolting comment while facing off against her Democratic challenger, Mike Espy, during the Senate race.

The controversy exposed the blemished past of a White woman that only bigots can love, and that adulation helped her defeat Espy to become the first female senator elected from Mississippi.

And of course it didn’t hurt that the president stopped by at the last minute to tout the evidence of how his allegiance to White supremacy is flawlessly paying off.

It was a foregone conclusion that Hyde-Smith would win, which explains the president’s eager visit, and the fact that Espy was deprived of notable support from famous Democrats, that rallied around Stacey Abrams and Andrew Gillum.

Mississippi is the state that helped elect Trump, and their new White female senator represents the White women who will gladly throw one of their own under the bus — in order to gift her alleged abuser with supreme power.

Cindy gave her victory speech, and it began with:

First of course I want to thank God for this opportunity.

When I heard that bit of garbage, I fired back with this:

And that’s all I have to say about the racist pig, who ironically looks exactly the way she sounds.

A face only a Trumpster could love

“First of course I want to thank God for this opportunity.”