An Introduction to this Blog

After months of applying for jobs to no avail, yesterday I broke down and cried in the middle of dinner with my parents. I felt hopeless and frustrated and I finally had to let it out. For the longest time, I’ve felt like I had no one to talk to about this, that I had to keep it to myself because it was taboo to talk about or no one wanted to hear it. But what else is the internet for if not to share your experiences and connect with people? So, I want to create this blog to start a conversation with people in similar situations and because I can’t afford therapy because I am unemployed.

Who am I?

I recently graduated from Rice University with an English degree. I just moved back in with my parents. Like you, I spend my days hunched over my laptop, scrolling through job postings. Oh, I’m also a musical theatre enthusiast, hence the title.

What This Blog Isn’t

I can’t and won’t offer any real advice because I suck at job hunting. Plus, you can find dubious job search advice in listicles all over the internet. Plus, those articles are all boring, repetitive, and depressing, which this blog will hopefully not be.

What This Blog Is

This blog is going to be a space to discuss and analyze my experience being jobless. Hopefully, it will be #relatable.