I Shoot Fights?

Shot of mine from UFC 171

I Shoot Fights?

It’s a different name, I’ll give you that.

So what, exactly, does that mean?

Reading this, you may be wondering the same thing. What is I Shoot Fights? More importantly, why should I care? Well, here is the brief explanation; it’s a blog to chronicle my journey through the world of combative sports as a photographer.

A little backstory on my credentials, around 10 years ago I began my journey in combative sports media when I began writing for Saddoboxing.com. From there I moved to a number of online fight publications eventually starting my own fight blog entitled North Texas Fisticuffs. It was there that my coverage of the North Texas fight scene took off.

That’s me on the left after being beaten like a drum in jiu-jitsu.

Initially, I was just a writer, but after my longtime friend and photographer Ed Garza took a job overseas I was left with no visuals to accompany my stories. On a whim I picked up an old camera that was laying around the house and started shooting the events I covered.

I was immediately hooked on the challenge and art that was fight photography. While I may have been horrendous at it, I loved every aspect of being a photojournalist in the fight community. Soon, I ditch the pen and paper and focused solely on providing visuals for the combat sports I covered. Since then I’m proud to say that my work has been published in a wide variety of publications including the Dallas Morning News and MMA Junkie.

This blog will be a way to share the fight scene as I have come to love it. I hope you enjoy it too.