Little Talks: Logistics and Love

A series of short stories about a relationship starring a fictional couple who live rent-free in Scott’s head.

Scott Muska


The where and when are the hows that lead to the who, what and why.

And it is infinitely strange to me that I am here. Now.

If you think about it.

Which I do.

A lot.

Too much, probably.

It’s also interesting for me to think about the significance of my being there. Then.

It’s not the only reason we’re together, but it is the reason us being together is possible.

If not for the decisions we both made that day and general happenstance or fate or whatever you choose to call it, we likely would not even have any idea the other existed. Ever.

Which would be a shame, but not really.

You only know what you know.

We’d never even be aware of what would’ve been possible between us.

I guess there’s more to a meet-cute than initially meets the mind’s eye.

Logistics can be the enemy of love.

Or one of its greatest allies.

Just depends on where you net out.

All that matters is I’m truly happy to be here.

And I’m not not going to appreciate the role dumb luck has played in the way things have unfolded.

Even if I don’t understand it.



Scott Muska

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