Mr. Deputy

Mauro Paz

It’s morning. 7 am. Mr. Deputy walks along the park. He inhale, counts two steps and exhale. Mr. Deputy is in his third term. He has a twenty-eight years political career, a house with a pool, a golden retriever, a blonde wife and three sons. The oldest is 22 years old. The boy was born unplanned. His mother is Mr. Deputy’s former secretary. She is married to a tall taxi driver that sells his honor for a hundred thousand dollars. The demands of the oldest son are resolved by the new secretary. Mr. Deputy prefers not to talk with his boy. The others sons are young yet. While Mr. Deputy walks with the sun in his narrowed eyes, the two little bear cubs sleep at his immense bed. His daughter uses the father’s pillow. The son holds the arm of his mother. Mr. Deputy transpires between his plump thighs. He feels his heart pumping the blood. He feels the blood inflating his red head. Mr. Deputy is a respected man. He has been a member of the monetary commission for the last two years. He represented the country at the ONU Congress of 2010. He was the leader of the congress between 2011 and 2012. He is friends with Mr. President. People know the circular face of Mr. Deputy. And, since last night, a good part of the nation got to know also Mr. Deputy’s dick. But the Deputy’s wife still sleeps and She doesn’t dream with the video she received on her cell phone.

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