And so it begins… I need more space

I live in Milton Keynes. Actually I live in the first ever town built because of a railway in the world. It’s exactly halfway between London and Birmingham. Why? Because back in the early 1800s, trains couldn’t make it all the way from London to Birmingham, so they needed a place to stop and refuel. Halfway between the start and end is perfect. So they built the town of Wolverton.

The town is largely Victorian houses. One thing about Victorian houses is they don’t really have gardens, more “patches of grass”. However, we have a good sized 3 bedroom house, but also have 5 children.

My wife and I have one room, the two youngest girls (8 and 10) have another room, the middle boy (11) has the converted living room downstairs, and the (19 and 21) older student girls come back from university and have the front room which doubles as a spare room, playroom and occasional home office.

Except it’s not exactly quiet in my house when there are kids around.

A few years back we thought about converting the loft. Turned out to be expensive, and not very practical. Wolverton is in a “conservation area”. Basically it means we can’t easily do a useful conversion without ruining the look of the area and the local council doesn’t like that.

Side note: This is something that I’ve come up against a number of times, because I’m also a Director of a local community energy company: Wolverton Community Energy. We are involved in developing solar rooftop projects in the local area, and currently trying to get a microgrid project off the ground alongside a local housing development, which would be a massive thing to achieve for an organisation of our size.

Anyway, back to the house…

When the pandemic hit last year, I realised I needed more space at home. the idea of a garden office came up.

What a fantastic idea!

So… I did what I always do.

Over think it. Over plan it. Over discuss it.

And never actually do anything about it.

So instead of this idea never actually reaching a conclusion (you know, with an actual garden office, completed and built in my garden), I thought I’d share my thoughts and ideas in a blog.

And so it begins…

Next post: So… that’s a glorified shed



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Paul Johnston

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