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Aug 5, 2018 · 3 min read

Have you seen those memes about Equity, Equality, and Justice? Doesn’t it make you wonder why we need such a visible representation of what the American Dream looks like? How does this meme specifically relate to a principal’s role in technology integration into the lesson cycle? Advocating for technology integration into the lesson cycle is beneficial to students for several reasons. The first reason is that, when it is used properly, students of all backgrounds benefit from instant feedback, peer to peer collaboration, and effective use of time on tasks. Another reason that technology integration levels the playing field when it is inserted into the lesson cycle is because students will benefit from critical thinking activities, enhanced communication features, and it fosters creativity and innovation.

Using cell phones along with laptops, smartboards, and desktop computers allow students to participate in future work experiences. Future work experiences can drive the lesson cycle integration because it can expose students to necessary career opportunities like coding, augmented reality, and virtual reality. Principals can lead this charge adequately and intentionally using technology during staff meetings, parent nights, and classroom walkthroughs. The Principal can set the tone of creativity and innovation by allowing staff to create products using technology like Flipboard, Anchor podcasts, or give feedback using Flipgrid. Also using social media as a leader to properly highlight the school’s activities through Instagram Stories or Snapchat Stories is an excellent way to communicate culture.

On this episode of “ I Want To Speak To The Principal” Dr. Micheal Milstead and I spoke to Kim Milstead. Esq, Tony Weaver Jr., and Dr. Will Dayamport about technology integration in the lesson cycle. Below are three takeaways from the episode that will positively enhance technology integration.

#1 “Technology should be Ubiquitous” -Dr. Will Dayemport: Technology Integration shouldn’t get in the way of students learning and it should scaffold the learning intentions. Station rotations such as students moving through “centers” and or remediation in small groups are excellent opportunities for teachers to incorporate technology into instruction. During this time teachers also have the opportunity to foster collaboration by skipping worksheets and employing critical thinking, real-world activities like writing blogs or engaging in career-oriented activities.

#2 “Get Media LIT: Create media content to combat Fake News” Tony Weaver Jr. This program arms Middle and High school students with the tools needed to combat “Fake News” and media bias. Tony explains that, “The media is the most powerful infrasture in the history of mankind.” Tony and his company Get Media LIT uses comic book characters to educate students on the power of self-worth, positive representation, and encourage students to “stand in the power” of positive change in their community.

#3 “The Principal’s role in Technology Integration” Dr. Milstead. The principal’s role in the use of technology integration is leading and supporting the change in instruction to support student future work. With that in mind, educators must provide students with opportunities to use technology daily to support those endeavors.

Last but not least, Kim Milstead, Esq shared how the AKA Sorority is impacting social change by organizing health and wellness programs, College Readiness initiatives for first-generation college students, and promoting financial literacy. The Technology Integration episode can be found below:

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I Want To Speak To The Principal

This blog is fresh take on the American Educational System and how to navigate a successful career in education.

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I Want To Speak To The Principal

This blog is fresh take on the American Educational System and how to navigate a successful career in education.

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