Misadventures of a Showbiz Darling with Nathalie Holmes

Our guest on this week’s show is Nathalie Holmes. She’s an actress, comedian, stylist, singer, and podcaster. She was in a video with Cookie Monster, so as far as we’re concerned she’s a big effing deal. She’s worked with Camille Styles, was a cast member at Esther’s Follies for six years, and worked with the nonprofit Creative Action.

She is a women of many talents, but she calls herself a “showbiz darling.” Her ultimate dream is to be in the cast of a musical sitcom, but she’ll know she’s really made it when a drag queen impersonates her.

Speaking of impersonations, Nathalie is amazing at transforming into different characters. She says there her subjects, like Olivia Pope, Shakira, Alfred Hitchcock, and Eartha Kitt, choose her. She started doing impressions from watching the MTV cartoon Daria and realized do a darn good Tiffany. To practice her impersonations, she does a lot of listen-and-repeat to get them down perfectly.

She’s also woven this talent into her live, one-woman show, “Young, Scripted, and Black,” which is all about her life as a black woman in show businesses and her influences. Sneak peek: it includes a musical ode to Dick Van Dyke’s penis, so there’s that. (Speaking of, she tells us an AMAZING story of meeting Dick Van Dyke — her idol and celebrity crush — at Phoenix Comic Con.)

She became obsessed with vintage fashion, movies, and TV shows when she would rent classic unrated films from the video store (remember those?!) as a kid. It’s also what made her want to be a performer.

Nathalie will be leaving Austin in December (sniff, sniff) to move to L.A., where her talents can really flourish. What gave her the final push was her mother, who before passing away a year and a half ago after having stage 4 cancer for 10 years, asked her, “Why are you still here?” After her mother passed, she realized she was out of excuses. Her advice to those who are scared of making a similarly big leap: Suck it up!

Other stuff we mention in this episode: how being bored can make you more creative, this runway cat, and classic ’90s TV shows like Unsolved Mysteries.

This is the last thing that made Nathalie laugh really hard, per our Rapid Fire question

You can listen to Nathalie’s podcast, where she interviews actors from cult classic movies, and watch her sketches and stand-up on YouTube. And be sure to follow her Twitter and Instagram, too.

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