Queen of the Side Hustle

This week’s guest is Kelly Stocker aka the most famous not famous person in Austin. She is connected to nearly everybody — seriously ask someone in your life if they know Kelly. She honed this title when she was the Austin community manager of Yelp. She’s also a DJ on a local radio station KGSR, which is where we recorded this episode (so fancy!) and she writes for the local pubs of Culturemap, Thrillist, and Time Out. Oh, and she has a funny and informative tech-related newsletter called the Friday Five that you should all subscribe to.

Kelly talks about doing the Year of Yes a few years ago and how that’s helped her have really cool experiences, and now she’s swinging toward saying “no” a bit more with the help of this book, Essentialism. Sometimes saying “no” feels really good.

Kelly’s superpower is creating communities, which she really honed at Yelp. We definitely want to join any “secret treehouse club” she decides to start. She’ll help you find your tribe, but she’s not into building community through buying social media followers. That’s an authenticity (sorry, Michelle) no-no. And you won’t ever see you endorsing something like waist-trainers anytime soon.

Part of being “Queen of the Side Hustle” like Kelly is is considering how much you and your time are worth, and being able to ask for more money when the time comes. If you’re interested in freelancing for a living, evaluate if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t mind navigating your own accounting and figuring out healthcare. And be prepared to answer the awkward question, “What do you do?”

One of her latest endeavors is her newsletter, the Friday Five, where she sends five new apps, hacks, and tech-y stuff weekly. It’s super-duper useful and she clues you into awesome stuff like Charity Miles, Scott’s Cheap Flights, Kiwi, and Free Rice. Subscribe so you can be ~in the know~.

And if you want to see what Kelly’s up to, you can find her here and here!

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