A sucker punch

Eyes bleary

Confusion turns to Pain

Anger turns to Sadness


Faint police siren


Uncertainty turns to Dismissal

Attention turns to Distraction

These are the two worlds I inhabit as news of a broken society streams in.

I awoke in Sete, France — a quaint beach town that plays host to Giles Peterson’s Worldwide Festival. We had spent the previous night celebrating France’s unlikely victory over Germany in the Euro Cup Semi Finals (played just over an hour away in Marseille).

The town was on fire and the music in the cliffside amphitheatre fanned the flames of victory.

But the news of the next day spoke of a different fire — one of shots ringing through a peaceful Dallas protest. A movement for anti-violence met with senseless violence. Again.

I struggle to make sense of this nonsense.

And I begin to understand the look in my mom’s eyes when I venture out into this uncertain world. Her every instinct is to protect me and she can’t…

I'm left feeling lost for action.

But I will. And we will.

Because tomorrow can be better than today and I have the power to make it so.