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Scott Lamb
Apr 30, 2017 · 4 min read

Greetings, friends. I’m writing from the Munich airport, which is probably my favorite in the world — they have startlingly fast free wifi and give out coffee and tea. I’m on a layover, flying home from a week with the BuzzFeed India team in Mumbai, where I was again struck by how different the Indian media landscape is from the rest of the world — ad spending in all traditional forms of media (print, TV, radio) is set to have modest-to-good growth this year; at the same time, it’s one of the fastest-growing digital ad markets in the world. The traditional companies are massive yet don’t create much in the way of original digital content; meanwhile, a number of interesting digital players have emerged, from local news site Scroll and viral site ScoopWhoop to global publishers investing locally like HuffPost and Vice. The mobile infrastructure is changing, too, with 4G becoming more widespread and carriers starting to really duke it out with their data plans — this is all a way of saying it’s an exciting place to be right now, media-wise, and one that will look radically different in just a few years’ time.


The venerable, staid New York Times launched on Snapchat Discover this week. LINK

… and Snapchat also launched Discover editions in Germany with Bild, Der Spiegel, Sky Sports and Vice Germany. LINK

The Axel-Springer owned newsreader app Upday (think Apple News for Android) expanded into 12 additonal countries on Friday. It was already available in Germany, Poland, the U.K., and France, and claims 8 million unique users a month. LINK

Netflix announced they’ve finally found a way into China, via a partnership with the country’s top video streaming service, iQiyi. LINK

Netflix is also building out a massive community of translators on top of their own new proprietary translation tool, HERMES, and are looking for more applicants if you’re interested in that sort of thing. LINK

Meanwhile Amazon now accounts for 10% of the world’s literary translations into English, more than any other publisher. LINK

The Huffington Post rebranded as HuffPost this week, and however you feel about their new logo — I’m a fan — this interview with EIC Lydia Polgreen is a useful look at where the site and its global network are headed. LINK

Irascible media savant Joshua Topolsky writes about the year he spent making his new media venture, the Outline, go from idea to reality: “I’m happy to say that while the experiment is still early (we’ve only been live for about five months), the results look pretty great: media may be really fucking broken, but we’ve figured out ways to start fixing it. At least some significant parts of it.” LINK

A fascinating look at how Facebook (and social media generally) have been a lifeline for information in developing countries like Laos and Myanmar. LINK


Fate of the Furious: The latest Vin-Diesel-loves-cars movie just opened in Japan this week, under the awesome title “Wild Speed: Ice Break.” Here, a quick look at some of the other international titles the franchise has taken. (h/t @senatorcain)

Japan: “Wild Speed: Ice Break”

Latin America: “Rápidos y furiosos 8”

Brazil: “Velozes e Furiosos 8”

China: “Speed and Passion 8”

Taiwan (winner): “The Moment You Play With Death”

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