Tales of an accreditation manager

episode 4: narrow escape from the mafia

Back in the mid 90s, Rushmans was responsible for the media accreditation centre for the Rugby World Cup Sevens in Catania, Sicily.

While the accreditation manager was busy setting up the media centre, Michael Gloag and Son had invited Nigel Rushman and the journalists to dinner.

Midway through the meal, Nigel received a call and there was a whispered voice on the end of the line

“Nigel, there are some blokes in the media centre coming to take the computers… They’ve got guns… What do you want me to do?”

Silly question really! What else could one do when held at gun point?

So Nigel offered some wise and considered advice.

“Give them the computers!”

We can’t be sure who the ‘blokes with guns’ were but mafia or not, accreditation is not always as dull as people think!

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