3 big updates about IAM Weekend 17 you don’t want to miss 😯

Spring is finally here! Time to announce more details about the third edition of our yearly gathering for internet people, which will explore The Renaissance of Utopias in April 27–30, in Barcelona

1. New additions to the (almost final) line-up!

We are very excited to announce a new group of amazing speakers for IAM Weekend 17 coming from Copenhagen, Brighton, London, New York, Barcelona and other Possible Worlds 😉

👉 Ash Koosha, Composer, Producer, Film Director and Futurist; listen/watch/learn more about his eclectic work in his NinjaTune profile

👉 Elijah, Producer & Director of top grime label, Butterz. Also Associate Artistic Director, Lighthouse; he will be interviewed on stage by our new media partners CRACK Magazine (btw don’t miss this month’s issue)

👉 Fabien Siouffi, Founder and Editor-in-chief of Fabbula, a VR magazine and platform reporting how the Virtual fabulates the Real, inspiring us to make new experiences and augment our perceptions (check update #2).

He will be joined on stage by Christian Cherene, Co-Founder, Artist and interdisciplinary researcher at BeAnotherLab for the Post-Reality session.

👉 SPACE10, IKEA’s future-living lab, will be represented by Kaave Pour, Creative Director, Bas Van De Poel, Head of Playful Research and Daniel Friis, Strategic Technologist!

SPACE10 located in the heart of Copenhagen. Learn more about this project on FastCo.

Sharing their research in conversational technology and AI, the team will also be bringing along Stine Hein and Felix Nielsen, founders of creative agency Relax, We are the good guys for a workshop on the final day!

#ICYMI over the last few weeks we’ve also been thrilled to announce:

From left to right: Jon Rafman / Red Bull Station in Sao Paulo / Screenshot from Museum of Internet
  • Jon Rafman, Artist, Essayist & Filmmaker; best known for his work around Google Street View, Jon examines the effects of contemporary technology, particularly on interpersonal relationships and is currently considered a pioneer of virtual reality art.
  • Fernando Velázquez, Curator and Artistic Director at Red Bull Station, (where we hosted our first IAM Pop-Ups: Sao Paulo last year) is joining #IAMW17 to tell us more about this inspiring project that transformed a former electrical substation into a new cultural hotspot.
  • Félix Magal, Founder, Museum of Internet, a compendium of “images that make the internet awesome” that shares fantastically context-free GIFs, memes and (of course) cat pics, and is currently liked by over 500,000 people on Facebook. Learn more about Félix here.

All of them are joining Jasmina Tešanović and Bruce Sterling, who will present the closing keynote, Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, Founder, MuslimGirl.com, Vanessa Wruble, Co-founder and Former Head of Operations for the Women’s March and Co-Founder of Okayafrica, and the amazing group of speakers and panelists we’ve previously announced.

You can check out the full line up + speaker profiles on the recently updated website of the event 👉 IAM Weekend 17, but wait because there’s more…

2. Announcing the special projects to be showcased at IAM Weekend 17

🔮 Possible Worlds by Fabbula + IAM

IAM has joined forces with Fabbula to co-produce Possible Worlds, a VR platform and experience that will invite participants to speculate on alternative possibilities for the future.

👉 More details will be released soon, but for now check out our site to meet the brilliant mix of emerging talents who have created the project!

🔮 Micro-Utopias by Form& + IAM

Straight from NYC, our friends at Form& will share a vision of Micro-Utopias at IAM Weekend 17. Micro-Utopias, an immersive multimedia installation built on the Cymatics platform, will showcase Form&’s approach to designing the moments that matter — embodying the mission of the conference and questioning the role of the Internet in the creation of alternate futures.

Can we isolate and elevate moments of utopia in a hyperconnected media environment? Is there a line between the Internet and us, or are we continually reimagined through the connections we form? Form&’s Micro-Utopias will delve into how we understand the world and each other, exploring the speed, manner, and ephemerality of modern utopias — while visualising ongoing dialogues, alternate futures, and communities united by common beliefs, language, and interaction.

Here a snapshot of our brainstorming session last February at the Form& offices in New York

🔮 UAL Futures Studio x IAM

Using utopias as a provocative tool to invent new futures in the internet age, 10 students from UAL–University of Arts London are developing five linked, utopian concepts or prototypes for services, products or artefacts that might exist in a not-too-distant future, responding to each research theme of IAM Weekend 17.

We’ve teamed up for this project with a stellar group of learning partners including Kickstarter, Superflux, Hanno, The Future Laboratory, It’s Nice That and The Pop Up Agency, who are introducing participants to the tools, methods and mindsets that make them tick through workshops, lectures, talks and studio visits.

Read more about the project on IAM Journal and follow #IAMxFutures

🔮 Elisava Alumni Labs #1

We have also partnered with Elisava Alumni members Preforma Design, Pablo Santos and Anna Torndelacreu for an experimental R&D project to design a unique stage and networking area for IAMW17.

3. First workshops announced!

Conversational Interfaces workshop by Relax, We Are The Good Guys

Learn the tools for turning your ideal AI into reality. Say ‘Hi’ to it/him/her by the end of the workshop. Learn more about the research topic.
Presented by SPACE10

Reality glitches — a speculative storytelling workshop

This workshop is a mix between a brainstorm and hands-on session. The participants will think about the gaps we experience in our society and will speculate about the best and worst case scenarios for the near future. The results of the workshop will be 6 videos, with the same given sequence of images and different audio created by the participants.
Presented by Klasien van de Zandschulp and Gianluca Monaco from Lava Lab

Post-Branding x Form&

Form& will host a collaborative workshop and masterclass exploring the future of branding in a micro-utopian world. We will share perspectives on the evolution of identity systems, open source collaboration, and open the engine of our data visualization system (Cymatics) to participants.

HOLO Magazine: Q&A

Meet Alexander Scholz, Creative Director of HOLO, a magazine about emerging trajectories in art, science, and technology, and learn more about their epic second issue: IF/THEN — Chance, (Un)certainty, and the Search for True Randomness

More workshops, masterclasses, Q&As and side-events will be announced in upcoming weeks.

There you go. Now you have 3 more big reasons to join the IAM Family in Barcelona for this third edition of IAM Weekend and redefine utopias as a provocative tool to invent better futures in the Internet Age! 🚀🔮