IAM Pop Ups: Barcelona hosted by Casa Bonay. Photo: Sergi Fernandez

IAM Pop-Ups: Because randomness is better when shared IRL

“Internet is not only technology. Internet is people. Internet is a network of networks and internet culture is a culture of cultures.”

So says our manifesto for the Internet Age.

This same manifesto — now translated into Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, German, Belarusian and Russian — is also read at the start of each IAM Pop-Ups, a newly created series of small gatherings designed to go deeper into the conversations kicked off at our annual event, the IAM Weekend.

IAM Pop-Ups: Barcelona. Video courtesy of our Media Partner Tendencias.tv

Held in cities across the globe, IAM Pop-Ups are about cultivating communities to discuss the futures of media, education, the arts and internet cultures with the IAM Family and watch IAM Videos together IRL. After the reading of the manifesto (our new ritual), the first episode of the We Are Internet series is screened, setting the tone and getting the conversation underway…

Watch more from the We Are Internet series here.

This first round of IAM Pop-Ups in Barcelona, São Paulo and Berlin explored the Futures of Internet Cultures, and across the three events, talks from IAM Weekend 16 from Wanuri Kahiu, Adam Bainbridge (a.k.a Kindness) and Scott Smith were premiered. Of course, in each city we also had a panel of distinguished members (new and old) of the IAM Family:

IAM Pop Ups: Berlin hosted by Freunde von Freunden

These varied perspectives guaranteed evenings of intriguing, engaging discussion about the futures of internet cultures by bringing together people from diverse creative and commercial fields. From Barcelona to São Paulo to Berlin, strangers, friends and partners continued chatting long after each event had officially ended, confirming that randomness is better when shared IRL.😉

IAM Pop-Ups: São Paolo, hosted by Ampfy at Red Bull Station

A special mention must also go to our hosts in all three cities: Casa Bonay in Barcelona, Ampfy and Red Bull Station in São Paulo and Freunde von Freunden in Berlin. Strong, personal relationships with great friends underpin all that we do, and this was no exception: thank you.

We’re now planning the next round of IAM Pop-Ups and we’re on the lookout for new partners to help make things happen. If you’re interested in organising IAM Pop-Ups in your school, company, co-working space or city, get in touch, and sign up to our mailing list for future updates!