IAM Weekend 17: Building Utopias — Exhibition & Performance curated by PERDIZ Magazine

To kick-off IAM Weekend 17, we’re teaming up with PERDIZ to curate an evening of photography, film and performance inspired by utopias and the role we have in shaping them.

If we could start all over again, what world would we build? How would we treat our planet if we knew then what we know now? How would we approach life?


Responding to the theme of IAM Weekend 17, PERDIZ—a magazine about things that make people happy—has curated Building Utopias, an evening curated to provoke debate and stimulate imagination through art, featuring:

📷 ‘Good Luck With the Future’ x Rita Puig-Serra & Dani Pujalte

Good Luck with the Future, by Rita Puig-Serra & Dani Pujalte

Good Luck with the Future is a journey filled with infinite paths and possibilities: with certainties and uncertainties; shadows and tricks of the light. The series addresses a range of concepts, including what could be and what will be (though we don’t know it yet), and what will never be and what has just been (though we weren’t expecting it).

The work was created after the pair won the 19th Fotopres La Caixa grant, with both Rita and Dani interested exploring landscapes to address important cultural and social question, including how new generations will live and feel the future.

Learn more about Rita & Dani: 
🔗 ritapuigserra.com | Instagram: @ritapuigserra 
danipujalte.com | Instagram:@danipujalte

💃 ‘La Danse’ x Carlota Guerrero

La Danse, by Carlota Guerrero

La Danse is a performance piece by the photographer, Carlota Guerrero, who recently rose to prominence after working with Solange on A Seat at the Table, shooting the album artwork, photography for the corresponding art book and co-directing music videos.

Here, she will be reinterpreting Matisse’s legendary painting (Dance); behind the five circling, dancing figures we find the concept of eternal return: creation following destruction. All things are repeated, always. Something of a bore, if you look at it chronologically. But this model of eternal return suggests at a manner of living: choosing and acting in such a way that, if we were to have to go back and do it all again, we would do so without complaint and without fear. The performers will also express their particular visions of utopia within the performance.

Learn more about Carlota: 
🔗 carlotaguerrero.com | Instagram: @carlota_guerrero

‘La Ballade de l’Anthropocene’ x Mar Ordonez

La Ballade de l’Anthropocene, by Mar Ordonez

La Ballade de l’Anthropocene, produced by Mar Ordonez, is a reflection on the exhaustion and destruction of the world’s natural resources and the desire for an opportunity to be able to do things differently. Mar Ordonez is mainly known for her inimitable portraits of women. Her creations reflect on themes including identity, recurrence, and the body as a linguistic tool. The soundtrack is from Desert.

Learn more about Mar: 
🔗 marordonez.com | Instagram: @elartedemimadre

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