IAM Weekend 17: The Renaissance of Utopias — A closer look at Post-Contemporary

In this series, we’ll be diving deeper into the sessions of IAM Weekend 17, our third annual event exploring the futures of internet cultures, media, learning and arts. Here, we take a look at the ideas and speakers behind the Post-Contemporary session.


During the first session of IAM Weekend 17, we’ll be exploring how the complexity brought by internet cultures has scrambled our sense of time, forcing culture, politics and arts of the past, present and future to coexist.

Questions to be explored throughout the talks session include:

👉 How can we redefine the arts as a creative process to untangle our challenging new realities, to embrace the collective humanity of our futures and to question our relationships to creativity, technology and culture?

👉 How can we play with curation, connection and community to provoke a broader discussion about the kind of futures we want?

In no particular order, here are the four speakers who will guiding us on this journey!

Jon Rafman

Work by IAM Weekend 17 Speaker Jon Rafman

Jon Rafman is a digital artist, filmmaker and essayist, widely known for his 9 Eyes project, which uses Google Street View as a repository of images that bring to the fore the relationship between technology and human experience. Concerned with the tension between the camera’s indifference and the human search for meaning, he has said, “while celebrating and critiquing modern experience, the technological tools themselves show how they can estrange us from ourselves.”

👉 Read Jon’s full bio

Amal Khalaf

An introduction to the On the Edgeware Road project, curated by IAM Weekend 17 Speaker Amal Khalaf

Amal Khalaf is a researcher, curator and currently Projects Curator at the Serpentine Galleries, working on the On the Edgeware Road project. She is also Commissioning Editor (Projects) at Ibraaz and a founding member of the GCC Collective, a multi-disciplinary collective that explores questions of identity and institutions across the Gulf, and with an MA in Contemporary Art Theory from Goldsmiths, her research addresses themes of urbanism, community media activism and art through participatory projects and media initiatives.

👉 Read Amal’s full bio

Félix Magal

An image taken from Museum of Internet, curated by IAM Weekend 17 Speaker Félix Magal

Félix Magal is founder of Museum of Internet, a compendium of “images that make the internet awesome”. Museum of Internet shares fantastically context-free GIFs, memes and (of course) cat pics, and is currently liked by over 500,000 people on Facebook. In an age where the gatekeepers of art, media, information and culture, are more and more ambiguous, Félix uses his experience as a curator of viral internet culture in his work as a web strategist for cultural institutions and various media outlets. He also runs workshops with high school students in the suburbs of his hometown: Paris.

👉 Read Félix’s full bio

Omid Habibi

Portals, a project by Shared Studios, where IAM Weekend 17 Speaker Omid Habibi is Portal Director

Omid Habibi is the Co-founder and CEO of the Afghan Development and Inspiration Bureau (ADIB) and is the Portal Director of Shared Studios. He single-handedly brought the first Portal to Afghanistan and has helped secure the expansion of Portals in his country and beyond.

👉 Read Omid’s full bio

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