IAM Weekend 17: The Renaissance of Utopias — A closer look at Post-Work

In this series, we’ll be diving deeper into the sessions of IAM Weekend 17, our third annual event exploring the futures of internet cultures, media, learning and arts. Here, we take a look at the ideas and speakers behind the Post-Work session.


The second session of IAM Weekend 17 will be themed around the idea of Post-Work. William Gibson once said “The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed”, so how do we go about defining, and evenly distributing, the education, politics and society of tomorrow?

It’s time to ask new questions:

👉 Our unhealthy fixation on what work and jobs mean to our self-worth is dragging us down. How will automation change our conception of work?

👉 What role could ideas like universal basic income play in societies?

👉 What should happen after capitalism?

Now, let us present the four talks of the session that will be guiding us through these topics…


All about SPACE10, who will be bringing Kaave Pour, Bas Van de Poel and Daniel Friis to IAM Weekend 17.

SPACE10, a future-living lab made possible by IKEA, will be coming to IAM Weekend 17, bringing Kaave Pour (Creative Director), Bas Van de Poel (Head of Playful Research) and Daniel Friis (Strategic Technologist) with them.

Together, the three will be sharing the story of SPACE10, exploring the potentials for conversational AI and working with the IAM Weekend 17 audience to broaden their perspectives on the futures of work.

👉 Read Kaave’s full bio

👉 Read Bas’s full bio

👉 Read Daniel’s full bio

Red Bull Station

Red Bull Station is a cultural space in the heart of Sao Paulo, opened in 2013 where different expressions merge, focused on projects involving music, mixed media art and urban thinking. They also hosted the first IAM Pop-Ups event in Latin America last September.

The project will be presented by Fernando Velázquez, currently the Curator and Artistic Director.

👉 Read Fernando’s full bio

Cecilia Tham

All about Makers of Barcelona (MOB), founded by IAM Weekend 17 Speaker Cecilia Tham.

Cecilia Tham is the founder of Makers of Barcelona (MOB), a Barcelona-based collaborative community and facility for makers, creators and doers, and FabCafe Barcelona, both a concept coffee shop and a digital fabrication studio. A serial entrepreneur, she is also the founder of MEAT (Making Extremely Awesome Things), a co-creative agency, Assemble.rs, an online collaborative innovation platform for collectives, and Future Funded, a crowdfunding platform created to finance the training of talent.

👉 Read Cecilia’s full bio

Albert Cañigueral

Get to know Ouishare, where IAM Weekend 17 Speaker Albert Cañigueral is a Spain and LatAm Connector.

Albert Cañigueral is the founding blogger of ConsumoColaborativo, which has become the reference media in the Spanish-speaking world on the trend of collaborative consumption. A Barcelona-based OuiShare Connector for Spain and Latin America, he supports the local Spanish speaking communities and connects them globally. He is most interested in building bridges between the more traditional economy and the collaborative economy.

👉 Read Albert’s full bio

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