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2 min readOct 8, 2015


In 2007, for the first time ever 1% of the world’s population had a mobile broadband connection, more than 100 million smartphones were shipped, and more than 1 billion humans were connected in real-time.

This complex system, made up of networks, tools and people has moved us to a novel age: the Internet Age.

Today, more than seven years after this age started, during a unique supermoon eclipse night, we decided to “connect the dots looking backwards,” reflect and share a collection of hyperlinked thoughts about these exciting times and the futures we want to build.

The IAM Manifesto

  1. Internet is evolving as a culture
  2. Internet has a random mood
  3. Internet connects diverse perspectives
  4. Internet shapes collective intuition
  5. Internet blurs the lines of time
  6. Internet opens access to universal stories
  7. The futures of Internet are imperfect

Internet is evolving as a culture

Internet is not only technology. Internet is people. Internet is a network of networks and internet culture is a culture of cultures.
We celebrate internet culture, because we “have to taste a culture to understand it.”

Internet has a random mood

Our societies are more networked than ever. Connectivity brings complexity. And complexity brings uncertainty but also serendipity.
We welcome curious minds, because in randomness we trust.

Internet connects diverse perspectives

Networks go beyond geographies, age, and gender challenging the fiction of boundaries.
We delete cultural assumptions, because “perspectives are the shit.”

Internet shapes collective intuition

The unconscious influence of networks challenge the story of the genius behind creative industries and stimulate the scenius behind open ecosystems.
We cultivate scenius, because together we can generate radical creativity in unexpected ways.

Internet blurs the lines of time

Networks enable better lifestyles, where work, play and learning merge, redefining the meaning of success.
We “say WTF!” because saying WTF! brings opportunities.

Internet opens access to universal stories

Networks allow us to imagine, discuss and co-create alternative narratives of the futures beyond the dominant ones.
We defy the dictatorship of the Silicon-Valley mindset because the futures should be plural and inclusive.

The futures of Internet are imperfect

And imperfection is beautiful. Networks reflect who we are as humans.
We will build better futures together, because “we are all made of stars”, sharing this “pale blue dot that we call home.”


In the Internet age you are a medium. Together we are media.

We are IAM.

Written: Barcelona, September 27th, 2015.



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