Weekend picks: Caia Hagel & Ricarda Messner

👋 A very warm welcome to IAM Weekend 17 speakers Caia Hagel and Ricarda Messner!💪

As writers, publishers, quoters of cool cats and pioneers of downright excellent media, including the brilliant Girl Positive and Flaneur Magazine respectively, Caia and Ricarda teamed up to create the incredible SOFA Magazine, dedicated to uncovering Generation Z culture and looking into “one tantalizing, terrifying, tantamount or taboo topic” each issue. Next up is CYBERLOVE, decoding and exploring how love, relationships, support, sex, politics play out on/offline. We can’t wait! 💻👩‍❤️‍👩💑👨‍❤️‍👨 📱

Now, have a read of Caia and Ricarda’s Weekend Picks to get to know them both ahead of IAM Weekend 17! 👉(You can read more of our IAM Weekend 17 speakers’ Weekend Picks here!)

🚶 This weekend IAM…

Caia: I’m recovering from NYFW (New York Fashion Week), really happy that it featured so much colour and feist. When politics enter our wardrobes, things get exciting, especially if you read fashion like its symbols and motifs are a form of prophecy, like I do.

Prabal Gurung — T-shirt Series

There were many echoes to #WomensMarch, #BlackLivesMatter, #DayWithoutImmigrants, #everydaysexism and #DAPL (Dakota Access Pipeline) in these F/W shows, especially in the Tees that Prabal Gurung sent out as his finale. Now that brands and Internet voices are co-mingling so fiercely to co-create our shifting identities, the future looks engaging, passionate and geared up for resistance against what is non-representational, and for what is true, for the first time ever.

Ricarda: I’ll be spending my last days in Sao Paulo (it’s summer and carnival time here) before I head back to Berlin. I just checked the weather forecast and it seems spring is coming to Berlin, so I am happy to not return to wintery Germany.

🎧 IAM listening to…

Caia: M.I.A’s P.O.W.A, which plays into this zeitgeist, and how cool is that choreography and setting? Grimes x Janelle Monae’s Venus Fly is also incredible, I love that totally sexy cyberspace.

Country music is making a move into the mainstream, probably because of how Southern Christian White vibes are inspiring Washington. Yelawolf is the darker, weirder variety, which seems quite right for now (he’s part Cherokee too, which is great).

I also think Perfume Genius’s Queen was a fortune teller with this 2014 video, and I never leave out the wonky orbit of Die Antwoord (I need those shorts and knee pads) or all the wisdoms of ’Yonce (‘abstained from mirrors’ should be a motto and that underwater world is so good).

Ricarda: Zazou, Bikaye + Cy1 — Lamuka (1983) works very well with the vibe in Brazil.

📚 IAM reading…

Caia: I’ve always got a medley going. Right now it’s Elif Batuman’s The Possessed and *frisson* Naomi Wolf’s prophetic 2007 book The End of America: Letter of Warning to A Young Patriot.

I’m also reading some related investigative journalism about Breibart’s very long tentacles. Like this article about Cambridge Analytica and articles about GamerGate being an inadvertent test-bed by Breitbart/Bannon for Trump’s campaign. I was quite fascinated by GamerGate at the time it went down and have been following gaming trends and the gaming writers and producers who are trying to bring in alt narratives. Here are a few of the scary truths we should all know: [Kotaku] [The Guardian] [Recode]

I like how Teen Vogue has stepped up to knock some political balls out of the park while applying leopard print lipstick in platform shoes, and how this totally subverts the stereotype about girls being airheads. They’re actually on the cutting edge of change, which is super exciting.

To help them get there, there’s also Girl Positive, the book I co-authored, which was published in September that even I like to re-read!

Ricarda: I just finished the beautiful memoir book about [Jean-Michel] Basquiat written by Jennifer Clement, who was a close friend of Suzanne, one of Jean-Michel’s few and official longterm girlfriends. It is deeply beautiful and disturbing at the same time.

Now I am diving into the beautiful poetry world of T.S.Eliot’s The Waste Land.

📺 IAM watching…

Caia: I just binge-watched all of The 100 and had to invest in herbal sleeping remedies.

I like to come back to The Night Porter when I’m in the mood, especially since I feel that the cycle that was unleashed by WWII and the A bomb is still playing out. Adolescence wasn’t even a stage of life before then, kink was totally underground and rebellion was a rare and cataclysmic phenomenon. We are working on power in the everyday now and on transforming societies and intimacies to include all citizens.

I’m still haunted by Under The Skin (and love how there’s nearly no dialogue, how brave).

I think Ex Machina brought up some deeply thoughtful material for our age that we are still clueless about and grappling with. I always wonder how the story would go if it was written by a woman/of colour — we need that film.

I’m a fan of cultivating emotional intelligence, especially as we move deeper into AI and the new sensory-depraved states we live in inside our Internet intimacies. Alain de Botton’s School of Life offers accessible tips for staying heart-centric by many speakers and writers.

FKA Twigs — Video Girl. Music Video by Kahlil Joseph / What Matters Most.

I watch everything by Kahlil Joseph and love the way he influences pop culture from his location, the people he works with and the stories they tell through music-imagery.

Ricarda: Re-watched Trump’s latest press conference, freaked myself out again and about to watch the second episode of the new GIRLS series to compensate our current political reality.

🔗 IAM sharing…

Caia: On the www I’m always searching to discover under-the-radar voices. I follow activists like The Earth Guardians, Kimberly Drew [Curator of the Black Contemporary Art tumblr] and meme queen Goth Shakira. I also cruise social media daily to tune in to emerging girls and women in the arts from their many diverse POVs, such as:

Art by LaRita Dixon.

Ricarda: I just heard of this new app called Natural Cycles which got approved by the German certification company Tüv. Us Germans approving of something means something right…Apparently this app which is based on mathematics and algorithms works as effectively as the birth control pill. The lady behind it is a Swedish nuclear physicist called Elina Berglund who has been fighting for its legitimacy for years. This sounds like a huge step for alternatives to conventional pregnancy prevention methods and I’ll download it asap to have a closer look at it.

IAM (as a GIF)…



Join us at IAM Weekend 17, where we’ll be exploring The Renaissance of Utopias with Caia & Ricarda!

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