Weekend Picks: Jasmina Tesanovic & Bruce Sterling

This week we’re thrilled to speak to Jasmina Tesanovic and (Jasmina’s husband!) Bruce Sterling ahead of them delivering the closing keynote at IAM Weekend 17.

After founding Eastern Europe’s and the Balkan’s first feminist conference and publishing house, Jasmina is also a celebrated writer, director and activist, describing herself as “always connected to the internet”, a description which also applies to her collaborations with Bruce, who is a globally renowned science-fiction novelist, WIRED columnist, critic [see: State of the World 2017], public speaker and co-founder of the cyberpunk literary movement!

Together, Jasmina & Bruce also founded Casa Jasmina, a Turin-based lab, gallery space and guest house championing an open-source Internet of Things. This fascinating project speaks to their enduring capacity for collaboration and pushing boundaries, and we look forward to hearing more here in Barcelona in April!

Now, have a read of Jasmina and Bruce’s Weekend Picks ahead of their talk at IAM Weekend 17!👉(You can read more of our IAM Weekend 17 speakers’ Weekend Picks here!)

🚶 This weekend IAM…

Jasmina: Walking around town and thinking.

Bruce: Writing with Jasmina a column for La Stampa; researching hand tools for the Share Festival Art Kit. [art directed by Bruce].

🎧 IAM listening to…

Jasmina: Keith Jarrett and my own music I am composing.

Bruce: Techno music on Soundcloud.

📚 IAM reading…

Jasmina: Frankenstein and Donna Harraway.

Bruce: Tool websites, catalogues.

📺 IAM watching…

Jasmina: Turkish soap operas.

Bruce: Twitter stuff.


🔗 IAM sharing…

Jasmina: Musical show underway stuff.

Bruce: https://ello.co/bruces

IAM (as a GIF)…



Join us at IAM Weekend 17, where we’ll be exploring The Renaissance of Utopias with Jasmina & Bruce!