Which Disney Princess Mom are you?

We all know a few moms that we recognise but we can’t quite put our finger on why. Thats cause we’re all a bit Disney…

Cinderella Mom.

Ah we all know her. She slaves all day cooking, cleaning, minding her family. Once she gets her chance to get out though, she goes out on the total lash, snogs the face off lads she just met, loses her shoes, it gets messy. Come midnight she looks like she needs a bath. We all know a Cinderella Mom.

Snow White Mom

Ah, she gives you the willies doesn’t she? Always something a bit too Princess Perfect isn’t there? There’s no doubt she would drive other scary moms bat shit crazy. She sings to the birds and is friends with cute animals but its not until you find out she’s living with 7 men that you finally understand her full weirdness. Thats it really isn’t it? Which one is the Daddy…

Sleeping Beauty Mom

This is the Mom type the other Moms want to be. She’s not tired, oh no!! Not like the rest of us tired sleepless moms. She basically lies in bed all day getting all the bloody sleep she needs. She has minions or helpers to help and she gets her shut eye. I doubt she has one sleepless night, I bet she has no dark circles under her eyes. I bet she has dreams of not sleeping. I bet she isn’t thinking about sleep 300 times a day…and I bet she’s not looking up sleep routines for babies…

Rapunzel Mom

She rarely went out as a young wan and is now raring to go, babysitter booked. She’s all about image and her hair and how amazeballs she is. On a night out she has one glass of wine though and she’s hanging out of trees, dancing around streets, vomiting in toilets. She was told to let her hair down and theres no denying it.

Do you recognise anyone? Or add to the list? I’ve been told there’s a Disney Princess in us all.

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