Astounding Prediction by Mark Zuckerberg for VR & AR Astounding Prediction by Mark Zuckerberg for VR and AR

Zuckerberg Says ‘VR and AR are going to be the most social platform that has ever existed’

I’m sure we all got the notification for Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, going live in Rome for a Q&A session, and during that he was presented with the question of how will we see augmented reality (AR) change our social lives, so which he responded in a rather big way.

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Zuckerberg went straight to the point and bit the bullet with a blunt statement: “I think that VR and AR are going to be the most social platform that has ever existed.”

Comparing AR & VR to Other Innovations

He went on to compare the VR and AR to other computer innovations, and how it sets out on the timeline: “If you think about the history of computing, every 10 to 15 years a big new platform comes along. So, we had desktop computers, we have browsers for the internet, and now we have mobile phones, and it’s great but what we have now is not the end of the line because we’re all going to get to a point that in five or 10 years we’re all using virtual reality — probably more like 10 years than five for everyone to use it”

When he concentrated just on AR, however, he did admit that it won’t come in the same way that VR has: “What I think we’re going to see there is that is going to come to mobile phones first before we get some kind of smart glasses that overlay stuff in the world.” He went on to say that we will be seeing many more applications like Pokémon GO.

If you missed out on the full Q&A session, it is still available to watch from the beginning on Facebook.

Source: VRFocus

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