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IAMX - Own Your Identity
IAMX Own Your Identity
5 min readJun 14, 2022


🚀 Are you ready to join the race? 🏎

We are gearing up our ISPO by adding five levels for all our delegators. Simply put, the longer you stay, the faster you’ll go, earning IAMX tokens at a greater and greater speed. We want to give more to those who stay with us for the long haul!

In this article, we’ll outline the five levels and their benefits that you can enjoy. So, put on your helmets & fasten your seat belts as here we go!!

🆔 Safety & Speed

IAMX is a SSI solution that allows you to own your identity, where you only share what you need to while earning rewards and incentives along the way within the IAMX ecosystem. Some of our key driving points are our belief that when it comes to your identity, you should be able to choose what you need and want to share, moving around Web3 at full speed without any speed bumps like filling out long and tedious forms getting in your way. With the IAMX SSI Solution, that is exactly what you’ll be able to do — share only what you want while flying fast. So naturally, the symbols representing the levels in our ISPO are speedy modes of transportation requiring a helmet, eye protection, and on the faster level — a vizor. So as you picture yourself going at full speed in your racing car wearing a racing helmet or in a rocket ship with your full-on space suit — not only are you moving fast, nobody can see who you are unless you allow it.

🤝 Welcome Bonus

If you delegated to the IAMX ISPO before the 1st of March 2022 you qualify for a Welcome Bonus after 20 epochs, giving you a head start on our Bonus program. So below we will detail the levels for people who delegated after the 1st of March 2022 or who are now choosing to join our ISPO. If you delegated before the 1st of March, press here as you will jump the line and skip the first two levels :)

🚲 LEVEL 1 — PEDAL your BIKE on a lovely country road!

After 10 epochs from the day you delegated you will start earning 30% extra rewards on your stake between epoch 0–10.

You are going fast, but you can go faster still!

🛵 LEVEL 2 — SCOOT around on your cool Vespa in the cobbled streets of Rome!

After 20 epochs you will be awarded 40% extra rewards on average stake between epoch 10–20.

You can now feel the breeze in your hair. Enjoy the ride, but you could go faster!

🏍 LEVEL 3 — CRUISE up Route 66 on your Harley!

After 30 epochs, you are cruising at a fast pace with 50% extra rewards on average stake between epoch 20–30.

Delegated before the 1st of March? Congrats, you are already driving a Harley!

Delegators before 1st of March 2022 will receive their Welcome Bonus after 20 epochs. So if you were one of those early birds, you move straight past the BIKE & SCOOTER LEVEL and straight onto Route 66 on your Harley with 50% extra rewards on average stake between epoch 20–30!

If you’re up for taking it to the next level, buckle up because you’re going for a ride!

🏎 LEVEL 4 — ROAR through the streets of Monte Carlo!

Nothing stops you after 40 epochs, and that momentum is gaining you 60% extra rewards on average stake between epoch 30–40. Vroom Vroom!!

So why stop now? Let’s move you into the stratosphere!

🚀 LEVEL 5 — BLAST off to the Moon!

After 50 epochs and for every 10 epochs thereafter, even gravity no longer restricts your speed with 70% extra rewards on average for each 10 epochs onwards.

Stay and enjoy the ride, the bonus will be added to your rewards in the delegation panel every 10 epochs!

Double Base Rewards!

From the 1st July to the 31st December we’re doubling your ISPO rewards, meaning that all your rewards that the bonus is added onto is double of what it is now.

Rewards & Bonuses from the 1st of July — 31st of December 2022. Update: As a Christmas Treat we have decided to extend the double rewards for existing and new delegators until the 31st of January 2023.
Rewards & Bonuses before 1st of July 2022

Read about how to delegate HERE.

We hope you’re interested in joining our ISPO and if you have any more questions in regards to participating, please send us a message via our Twitter, Discord or Telegram Group


IAMX is a token-based self-sovereign identity (SSI) and authentication system, enabling 1Click-Fulfilment transactions that are legally binding on the state/national level.

Our vision is to empower everyone on Earth to realize their human right to have an identity and our mission is to protect the human right of every individual to hold, control, and own their personal identity.

Imagine if each individual consumer enjoyed full ownership of their identity and they could use that identity seamlessly and effortlessly across all websites, web services, and mobile apps that require account creation, logins, or authentication. IAMX provides this identity service free to all consumers through biometric identity and pre-authenticated verifiable credential set containers trusted by the verifier, owned and controlled by the holder.

IAMX is the first-ever SSI solution to financially incentivize and reward the consumer each time they use their identity online.




IAMX - Own Your Identity
IAMX Own Your Identity

IAMX is the first-ever SSI solution to financially incentivize and reward the consumer each time they use their identity online.