Biocompare Media Kit 2010

Biocompare requested to have a printed 8.5 by 11-inch media kit on hand for the sales team to take on the road when they go to tradeshows. This media kit sells’s services to the customer: promoting sales leads, provide audience info for their website visitors, advertising options, & even cool interactive web productions like viral videos or online games. All of these things has to be presented within seven pages to minimize print costs.

We spent a lot of money last year purchasing a Corbis photo for last year’s media kit cover image. Being frugally mindful this year, I repurposed a whole collection of pre-approved bio-tech photos & pieced together a collage. An easy solution, since photos have already been purchased & pre-approved by the marketing team.

This project was a continuation of a previous project: I just finished designing the online version of the media kit, so I am very comfortable with the material. The trouble was trying to concise the information down to a few pages. I sat down with Amy, our marketing director, & outlined the essential points. I took the outline, organized the material, then broke them down to three main spreads.

With all this information, I was mindful of the whitespace to prevent information overload. The higher-ups said that it’s crisp, all the information that needed to be said is on paper & it’s an elegant solution.

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