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One of our company’s goals of the year was to make an official corporate site to replace a one-pager placeholder that sat at our domain. We figured it would be a good way for investors to learn more about us & to increase the value of the company.

The assets provided: our existing company logo & the copy provided by our marketing director. The client — in this case, my fellow design team — gave me creative freedom. In my tenure, I feel that I have an understanding of what is needed (also in corporate design in general).

The logo is orange and gray. Everything goes with gray, so I mocked up a mostly gray site with an accompanied white header. Our team fell in love with this cut paper effect, we used it in our mockups as a section divider:

We sent it out for feedback. The basic look was good, but the overwhelming gray was too heavy for their tastes. We changed it to a white site:

They like the visual weight of the site, but aren’t too keen to the idea of stock photography — it lacked personality. I had to develop custom icons & artwork for the headers.

In my mockups, I populated the right column with the site navigation as placeholders because we did not know how to use this space. Looking back at the design brief, one of the goals of the site is to showcase the different verticals our company provides. The best way to achieve that with the limited space: a carousel that displays the company’s different verticals with an action button that leads to the vertical page. Jason & Brian did their magic with custom AJAX animation slickness.

There you have it! Our company is finally proud to be service the online marketplace space.

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