Get the look: Robert Graves in Deià, Mallorca

Robert Graves, the English novelist and poet lived in Deià on the island of Mallorca for most of his life. His home, Ca N’Alluny is open to the public and has been left much the same way as it was when Graves and his family lived and worked in the house.

The rooms are simple and minimal, furnished with only the necessary elements for functionality. A few basic ornaments, lights and framed pictures are randomly placed on the walls. The result is total clarity as if each object remains explicitly required, allowing the writer to focus on work and release any fixation on ornaments.

The irony, however, is that Graves famously gathered together many objects relevant to his novels. It gave him a sense of the age of his works so that he could absorb the ‘feel’ of antiquity’ and they’re dotted amongst the other functional day to day items. One of the rooms features a very simple wooden desk and chair for writing, a desk lamp, an electric typewriter, a modest carpet, grass baskets and simply framed artworks.

We show you how to recreate the look of Graves’ rooms by gathering together products available on the internet.


Writing Desk


This Spanish knee hole desk, late 18th-early 19th century stands on square tapering chamfered legs — it’s as close a match as we can find — it doesn’t have the turned legs for instance, but it will certainly add charm to the room. £7,988.56 at 1stdibs


Rustic chair

Not quite as new as the Robert Graves version, but this rustic chair from The French House will add just as much character to the overall look and save you a packet after investing in that desk. £50 each from The French House<


Industrial Desk Lamp


This 1920’s goose neck desk lamp from Flure Grossart adds authenticity but it lacks the signature stepped shade and base. £170.00 from Flure Grossart

Vintage Lamp -Skinflint


Skinflint Design also offers a number of well-matched desk lamps by Pifco, Ergon and others. £320.00 at Skinflint Design

Vintage Lamp — Ebay


Ebay also comes up trumps with this vintage ‘French’ lamp. £75 on Ebay


Vintage Kilims


Mallorca is filed with gorgeous Kilims — finding a match for this Kilim is almost impossible. But this rare Ourika Kilim from the high Atlas mountains will do the trick. £1400.00 at Maroc Carpets

Natural Linen


Reproduce the linen curtains with fabric Ada and Ina natural linen — Amaril Grey Cotton fabric. £14.99 per metre at Ada & Ina


Monkey Print


Frame these Monkeys from Albion Prints in a simple gold painted wooden frame. £170.00 from Albion Prints

Maritime Print


Grosvenor Prints stock London’s largest selection of antique prints — browse their maritime selection for match. Grosvenor Prints

Lacy Gallery

For just about any type of vintage picture frames visit the Lacy Gallery on Westbourne Grove. Lacy Gallery

John Jones

For the best in framing services, look no further than John Jones — museum and gallery quality framers — the best. John Jones


SCM 250 Compact Electric Typewriter


This SCM 250 electric typewriter, made in the early 1960’s by Smith Corona still works, is a complete match for Grave’s own and you can still get ribbons — great your next novel! $39 US on Ebay.

Vintage Hole Punch


The days of filing and paper punching are slowly drawing to a close, but this vintage red hole punch will look good even if you don’t ever use it. £4.99 on Ebay


Repro Delft


A set of 2 Delft inspired tea cups and saucers from Bonnie and Bell. £34.50 from Notonthehisghstreet.

Traditional Palm Baskets


Palm baskets are made from the only native palm in Mallorca — the Palmito (Chamaerops humilis), also known as Garballó. £15.00 at Birdikus

Black Glazed Tea Pot


Still reeling from that desk cost? This Tesco tea Pot keeps the budget in line! £5.00 from Tesco

Black Tea Tray


Also from Tesco, this 30cm diameter black plastic tray matches the wavy edge of the Graves set. £1.75. from Tesco

La Casa de Robert Graves

Carretera Deià a Sóller s/n.
07079 Deià — Illes Balears — España
Tel. / Fax: +34 971 636 185