Josef Albers Inspired Items for your interior design project

Josef Albers was a German-born artist and educator, trained at the Bauhaus and who later settled in the US. His work, both in Europe and in the United States, formed the basis of some of the most influential art education programs of the twentieth century.

He is best remembered for his work as an abstract painter and theorist favouring a disciplined approach to composition. He is most famous for all the hundreds of artworks that make up the series, Homage to the Square.

We hunt down some contemporary art and products that honour Albers style.

Study for Homage to the Square: Grisaille & Gold, 1961

Study for Homage to the Square: Grisaille & Gold, 1961

Homage to a Square — Josef Albers
This painting by Albers in 1961, sets the scene for our product matches.

Section Kelim Rug from Holly’s House


This Kelim rug from Holly’s House honours the traditional composition and colour of many of Alber’s artworks. £450.00 from Holly’s House

Albers Cushion Cover


Following on with the grey and black geometrics, pick up this cushion from Niki Jones. £100.00 from Niki Jones

Rhythm by Josef Albers 1958

Rhythm by Josef Albers 1958

Mobile Chandelier 1

Mobile Chandelier 1 2008 by Michael Anastassiades

Michael Anastassiades creates timeless pieces that are finely balanced, detailed, unique and inspiring. Every section of this chandelier is perfectly composed making it a classic, functional piece of art. Made to order from Michael Anastassiades

String Lights for Flos by Michael Anastassiades


Also by Michael Anastassiades, The String Lights create infinite and elegant compositions — the instruction manual for the lights is an artwork on its own. String Lights from Flos by Michael Anastassiades

Stacking tables, by Josef Albers


Albers Nesting Tables is a set of 4-stepped nesting side tables based on original set designed in 1926–27 by Bauhaus faculty member Josef Albers for the Moellenhoff family’s apartment. Buy from Interior Design Decor.

Z Stackable Side Table


These super useful, stackable side tables from Niche London are an homage to Albers’ Structural Constellations. £165.00 from Clippings

Kilo Stacking Tables

Kilo Stacking Tables from Habitat

Habitat produced these stacking tables as an homage to the original Albers design. Available in black and grey or assorted other colours .

£75.00 from Habitat

Cube Pyramid Table


These hand made black cube side tables balance solid and line for great geometric compositions. £192.18 from CrosstreeStore

Cube Frames

Cube Frames from Etsy

Also from Crosstree Store, these geometric squares can be manipulated to create any composition. Pop a glass top on an enjoy as side tables for living and bedrooms spaces. £331.83 from CrosstreeStore

Black Slate Paper Weight

Paperweights by sevenstone from Etsy

Albers’ produced a series in the late 1950’s called Rhythm. These black slate paperweights echo the minimal lines that typify this work. £81.76 from Sevenstone

Nathalie Du Pasquier


French artist Nathalie Du Pasquier’s paintings echo Albers’ interest in geometric compositions. Nathalie creates abstract paintings and sculptures in multiple shades, that echo still life and construction compositions. Nathalie Pasquier

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