Jun 5, 2020 · 1 min read

A few things we know, we are doing, and we want to do →

1. Belief

With 100% conviction and absolute clarity, we at I&CO stand for racial equality and justice. We do not tolerate any form of oppression whatsoever.

2. Reality

Racism is deeply embedded in our society — and in ourselves — in ways that we don’t always recognize. We have been absent from the conversation and must do better.

3. Company

We are working to identify what our long term, holistic plan should look like. We will start by educating ourselves on how we as a company and individuals can create change to achieve equity and justice.

4. Action

Change requires commitment. We commit ourselves to a sustained effort in making lasting impact.

We will publish our specific action plan in the next 30 days.

Black Lives Matter

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