I&CO Equity and Justice Action Plan

Jul 1, 2020 · 4 min read

The activism we at I&CO have seen around the world and from our colleagues moves and inspires us. At the same time, in this period of introspection, we have had to contend with the reality that the industry we are in has done harm. We as a company haven’t done enough to recognize the ways our work and company culture have added to the systems that have disregarded Black and Brown life.

We are committed to being different going forward. We have already taken steps to begin advancing our company as an antiracist firm and workplace, and we are committing to specific actions and initiatives to be actively antiracist. Here is how we will begin our journey:

1. I&CO is committed to being an antiracist company by continually examining and adapting our culture to be a more inclusive environment that confronts injustice and oppression in our everyday lives and interactions.

  • When we started I&CO, we wrote a few values and principles to articulate what we believed in and stood for. They became the Seven Maxims of I&CO. They are woven into the fabric of everything we do and have guided us in making the right decisions. We have amended our company Maxims to include a principle stating our continuous commitment to actively creating antiracist work and place: Be just. Do right.

2. I&CO is committed to creating work that does not contribute to systems of racial oppression or the spread of racism in the world, assessing all future work to ensure we are reducing — not creating — harm.

  • I&CO has begun crafting equity and justice criteria for all future projects to hold ourselves, our clients, and what we produce accountable to our ideals. We will publish this criteria in Fall 2020.

3. I&CO is committed to becoming a more racially representational firm, beginning with how we identify and recruit talent and assess our team makeup.

  • I&CO has adapted our job descriptions and recruitment criteria to eliminate unnecessary and discriminatory requirements.

4. I&CO is assessing all discretionary spending decisions to ensure we are supporting BIPOC business owners whenever possible.

  • I&CO has conducted an audit and reevaluation of all vendors and partners, to identify areas where we can do more with our money.



1. I&COは、私たちの企業文化がよりインクルーシブなものになるように、学び続け、前進していきます。そして、日々の生活で生じる不正や抑圧に立ち向かうことができる、反人種差別的な会社であり続けることを約束します。

  • I&COを創業するとき、理念を明確にするために “7 maxims of I&CO” を制定しました。この行動指針は、I&COの全ての行動や判断の軸になり、正しい選択をするための指針となっています。そして今回、反人種差別的な職場と空間を作るために行動を続けていくために、8つ目の行動指針を追加することにしました。 “Be just, do right” 日本語訳「善く生きる」。

2. I&COは、制度的人種差別を推進したり、人種的抑圧をほのめかしたり、人種差別を拡散するような仕事には参画しません。今後I&COが携わるすべての案件が、世の中に害を与えず、善意のある活動に繋がることを約束します。

  • I&COメンバー一人一人はもちろん、我々が関わるクライアントやプロジェクトについても、その「公平性と正義」を明らかにするための基準を設定します。 この基準は2020年秋に公開します。

3. I&COは、全ての人種を代表する、多様性を尊重した企業になることを目指します。そこでまず、人材の採用方針を見直し、I&COチームの多様性について考え直します。

  • I&COは、差別的要件を除くために、人材募集時の採用基準を修正しました。

4. I&COは、可能な限りBIPOC(Black, indigenous and People of color : 黒人、先住民、有色人種) 事業主を支援します。

  • I&COは、すべてのお取引先について監査と再評価を実施し、自分たちが持っている資金でより社会に貢献ができるよう、商流の見直しをしています。


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