Deep Purple live in Berlin May 21, 1971

Ulf A. Fischbeck
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My first rock concert. The day that changed my life.

Original concert ticket Deep Purple May 1971, Berlin
Original ticket Deep Purple in Berlin 1971 @2020 rockphan aka Ulf A. Fischbeck

For weeks I tortured my parents with the same question. “May I go to the Deep Purple concert?” My favorite band since their album Deep Purple in Rock. I mean, I was 11 years old. Rock music was my life. Since I was ten years old and attended the French-German grammar school in Berlin, I let grow my hair. I wanted to see my heroes live.

It will only last until 22 hours. Please.

No. You’re too young.

Hey, I am 11. I’ve never been to a rock concert. It’s about time.

Then, the day had arrived, May 21, 1971. This day we received the results of our last French test, a dictation. I got a B or the equivalent of it. Yes, this was my permission to attend the Deep Purple concert. A dream came true.

I hurried home from school. Excited. Without even saying hi, I immediately started bombarding mom with my chatter, like a waterfall. It was all about Deep Purple.

Mom, I had the second-best test in class. Mom, this deserves a reward. I am allowed to go to see Deep Purple tonight.

Mom did not say no. Hence, this meant yes.

When dad returned home from school, he was a young teacher. I welcomed him happily smiling.

Mom has allowed me to see Deep Purple tonight.

It took him by surprise. But as a kid, I perfectly mastered the art of playing my parents one against the other when it came to special permissions.

Me at the age of 11 or 12, 1971/72
Me at the age of 11 or 12

At 18:30, I arrived at the Deutschlandhalle. 11 years old. 1.5 m tall. 10 DM the ticket. I had payed it with my pocket money savings.

The venue was crowded. 6000 fans. Some were smoking joints. At this time, smoking was still allowed in public places. The hippie and movement and drugs of all kinds were en vogue among Berlins youngsters.

Cool, I thought. I was amazed. I recognized a guy with long hair rock ’n’ roll style I had met on a train back to Berlin some months ago. He was 16 years old and had told me stories about…



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