Empowering Sales On-the-Go: Unveiling the SDLC of Stack Orders for Puteri Brand

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5 min readDec 20, 2023


In the ever-evolving landscape of sales applications, Stack Orders emerges as a beacon of innovation, addressing the unique challenges faced by Puteri Brand Products’ sales force. This app, designed by ibjects, showcases a remarkable Offline Data Sync feature, revolutionizing the way sales teams operate in the field.

Offline Data Sync, Online Ambitions:

Imagine a sales team armed with an app that’s always ready, even when the internet isn’t. That was the vision behind Stack Orders. It’s not just about working offline; it’s about working seamlessly, syncing data when possible, and never missing a beat.

The genesis of Stack Orders was rooted in the realization that a sales team constantly on the move needed a solution that went beyond the constraints of a stable internet connection. Offline Data Sync became the USP, enabling salespeople to seamlessly synchronize essential data like products, units, routes, customers, and personalized price books.

Tailoring to Individual Needs:

But crafting an app that could juggle offline data, multiple users, and complex product information wasn’t a simple task. ibjects, known for their expertise in bridging digital gaps, embraced the challenge with their signature blend of ingenuity and Node.js mastery.

One standout feature of Stack Orders is its dynamic pricing model. Acknowledging that each salesman operates with different rates for customers, the app allows the synchronization of personalized price books. This level of customization ensures that every interaction with a customer reflects accurate pricing information, contributing to a smoother sales process.

Crafting an app with robust offline capabilities is no small feat. ibjects took on the challenge, allowing salespeople to perform critical tasks like creating new orders, selecting different product units, and adjusting quantities, all while offline. The app intelligently handles tax inclusions and free-of-cost products, ensuring that the sales process remains fluid regardless of internet connectivity.

Ibjects, in keeping with their previous success with VanSales, once again utilized Node.js and Firebase functions to create an API. This API seamlessly communicates with Puteri Brand Products’ MSSQL database, executing SQL queries to fetch and synchronize crucial data. The ingenious use of technology ensures that Stack Orders operates seamlessly within the existing infrastructure.

Key Features, Stacked for Success:

Stack Orders seamlessly integrates various features, such as viewing the cart, editing or removing products, and previewing draft orders. Salespeople can add customer-specific details like Customer PO No. and its expiry, providing a comprehensive and personalized experience. The order list displays crucial information, including gross total, total excluding tax, SST amount, and total payable, all ready for offline printing.

  • Offline Data Sync at Its Finest: Product details, routes, customers, and even personalized price books — all available offline, ensuring sales never stall.
  • Order Customization on the Go: Salespeople can select product units, apply taxes, adjust quantities, and preview orders with ease, even without an internet connection.
  • Cart Management Made Effortless: Editing, removing, and reviewing products in the cart is a breeze, allowing for flexibility and accuracy in every order.
  • Reports, Synced or Unsynced: Whether it’s orders, collections, or customer statements, Stack Orders keeps track of everything, ready to sync when connectivity returns.
  • Printing in Any Locale: Generating invoices and receipts offline ensures a professional touch for every customer, even in the most remote locations.

Transforming Field Sales Dynamics

In the story of Stack Orders, the marriage of offline functionality with dynamic pricing demonstrates a commitment to providing sales teams with tools that adapt to their unique challenges. The app not only streamlines the order process but empowers salespeople to make informed decisions even in offline environments.

Stack Orders is more than an app; it’s a strategic tool designed to meet the demands of a dynamic sales landscape. The journey from conception to execution showcases ibjects prowess in understanding the intricacies of field sales and delivering solutions that redefine the possibilities of mobile applications in enterprise settings. Is your business ready to stack up success, even offline? Let’s chat and unlock the potential hidden within your disconnected spaces.



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