“Mainframe-agility”: Bringing DevOps Practices to Db2z

Empowering Application Developers

Db2 DevOps Experience helps developers accustomed to agile methodologies to work in Db2 environments without necessarily having prior mainframe skills. For mainframe developers, some creative processes seemed impossible, given the infrastructure and lack of available provisioning tools. This offering can help clients address those tasks more efficiently and more easily through intuitive graphical user interfaces — as shown in figure #1. As a result, companies should be able to more easily adapt to changing markets, innovate faster, and meet strategic corporate goals.

Figure #1: Example of a view an application developer may see when provisioning a database environment

Cognitive Admin Capabilities

The database administrator is responsible for maintaining control and security over the Db2 databases and applications. One of the important functions for the database administrator is the ability to create and link together teams, environments and permissions. Using cognitive capabilities, the application discovery feature identifies schema application components.

Continuous Integration and Delivery Practices for Db2

Db2 DevOps Experience can help enable developers and operations teams to synchronize processes. Db2 DevOps Experience brings Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) practices to Db2 on z/OS, supporting faster development, testing, and integration of application changes through automation and standardization. Db2 DevOps Experience can also help in the early detection of errors, potentially leading to quicker fixes and preventing delays because the code is maintained in a releasable state. It provides Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to help automate the process via CI/CD tools such as Urban Code Deploy (UCD), Jenkins, Bamboo and others.

  • A scriptable command line for z/OS services
  • Extensions to the native z/OS REST APIs and API Mediation Layer
  • A REST API catalog that includes access security technology

Summary and Next Steps

The IBM Db2 DevOps Experience for z/OS offers the following features and benefits:

  • Cognitive discovery capabilities to identify schema application components
  • Intelligent Data Definition Language (DDL) editor that prevents coding unauthorized changes to save time and resources
  • Role-based system for administrators to create teams, environments, and permissions with review and approval of database change requests
  • Integration of database schema management into existing Continuous Delivery processes
  • Brings Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery practices to Db2 on z/OS environments to empower faster development, testing, and integration of application changes that include database modifications through automation and standardization

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