What’s New in Skydive on IBM Cloud Private?

Skydive is a fascinating open-source analyzer for real-time network topology and protocols. It can help you understand what is really happening in the network infrastructure. We are excited to announce an updated release of Skydive for IBM Cloud Private (ICP).

This new release includes an updated Helm chart that extends the functionality supported by Skydive on IBM Cloud Private (ICP), and an updated supported version of Skydive that provides enhanced capabilities to explore and troubleshoot Kubernetes networks. The latest version of Skydive for ICP Helm chart can be found here (Helm Chart version v1.0.1, Skydive version 0.17.1)


IBM Cloud Private (ICP) is an application platform for developing and managing on-premises, containerized applications. It’s an integrated environment for managing containers that includes the container orchestrator Kubernetes, a private image repository, a management console, and monitoring frameworks. More details and deployment instructions for ICP can be found here.

More details and deployment instructions for ICP can be found here.

The following is a list of Skydive on ICP features available with our new release

The complete list of changes can be found here and here.

Light theme

Skydive on ICP now supports an additional light-themed UI (white). This theme is aligned with the ICP look and feel and with other featured services. Additionally, a launch-in-context feature is now supported, allowing external applications to launch Skydive in specific UI contexts (exploration filter, theme, highlight, etc.).

Persistent storage

Skydive on ICP now supports data persistence using an Elasticsearch back-end. The topology and flow data are saved for a configurable amount of time. You can retrieve this saved data for specific amount of time using both the UI and Skydive CLI. This feature provides the equivalent of a “time machine” for administrators to explore and troubleshoot changes in the ICP environment over time.

Helm chart data persistence configuration

Here’s how you can use the Skydive UI to explore a historical point in time, absolute or relative to the current moment:

Time selection (e.g. 3 minutes back)

Filtered Kubernetes exploration

Skydive on ICP now supports out-of-the-box exploration for both the infrastructure layer and the Kubernetes layer. The initial default topology view presents the infrastructure layer, with topology objects such as hosts, interfaces, containers, etc.

With single click filtering, you can move to explore the Kubernetes layer — a completely different point of view in the same ICP environment. In the Kubernetes view, the topology consists of Kubernetes deployments, name-spaces, network policies, and other Kubernetes objects.

Filter Exploration to focus on Kubernetes Layer or Infrastructure Layer

Concluding remark

We hope you make good use of this updated release of Skydive and enjoy the features and capabilities it offers. We are looking for feedback and contributions, and invite you to use the community IRC channel (#skydive-project on irc.freenode.net) or contact us directly about any issues.