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Trisha Mahoney
Sep 13, 2018 · 3 min read

One Portfolio for AI & Machine Learning

IBM has ushered its customers into the era of enterprise data science for more than a decade, starting with the investment of the ILOG CPLEX and SPSS acquisitions. As the data science market evolved, new macro trends developed, and IBM invested in advanced technologies and platforms to respond to this shift. In 2016, IBM introduced Data Science Experience and several Watson offerings, which blurred the lines between our new and old technologies. We have now made the decision to simplify our portfolio for our customers under one single brand — IBM Watson Studio.

IBM Watson Studio was first announced in the IBM Public Cloud at our Think Conference in March 2018, which included the integration of the capabilities of Data Science Experience Cloud and a new interface for SPSS Modeler. Starting October 2nd, 2018, we plan to rebrand our on-prem offer from Data Science Experience Local to IBM Watson Studio Local. IBM will continue under one brand while we carefully bring our existing customers and our community along to enable them in this new era of data science, machine learning and AI.

An Industry Leader in Forrester Wave

IBM Watson Studio was recently recognized as a leader in the September 2018 Forrester Wave Report on Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning Platforms (PAML). Forrester Wave recognized IBM Watson Studio as a “perfectly balanced PAML solution for enterprise data science teams that want the productivity of visual tools and access to the latest open source via a notebook-based coding interface.” In addition, IBM received the highest possible score in breadth and depth of functionality, our blend of workflow capabilities with open source machine learning, and our pre-trained machine learning models for Visual Recognition, Watson Natural Language Classifier, and many others.

What’s Next For Watson Studio

To further advance our capabilities, we are excited to announce that IBM Watson Studio is partnering with two industry leaders in data annotation, DefinedCrowd and Figure Eight. These partnerships will advance our capabilities in image categorization, natural language classification, sentiment analysis, and content moderation. The integration of these two technologies into Watson Studio will create a seamless, one-stop solution that combines human intelligence and machine learning capabilities to accelerate enterprise AI initiatives.

In the coming months, IBM Analytics will bring to market a newly streamlined portfolio. We will deliver an exciting set of new capabilities to our existing customers, whether they need them on a Public Cloud, Private Cloud, On-Premises or on their Desktop. And our current products, such as SPSS Modeler and Decision Optimization, will continue to be a core component of the IBM Watson Studio platform, supporting full compatibility with previous work assets. In October 2018, we also plan to invite you to an open beta program for IBM Watson Studio Desktop, which is a new product to address the data prep and data modeling needs on individual desktops (available for Windows and macOS users).

Learn more about Watson Studio Here or get started with our Free Version now.

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