Announcing the General Availability of Data Science Experience

Today we are excited to announce the General Availability of IBM Data Science Experience along with a new release of IBM Data Science Experience Enterprise that is available for purchase in the IBM Marketplace.

IBM Data Science Experience Enterprise is an integrated development environment offering a suite of tools and capabilities that enable data scientists to accelerate their productivity. Data Science Experience Enterprise offers the following benefits:

  • Integrates the most popular open source data science tools (for example, Jupyter Notebooks, RStudio, and more) in a single location and enables access to common data, eliminating the problem of siloed tools
  • Scales data scientist productivity through collaboration, enabling data scientists to tap into the expertise of their more established peers as well as to collaborate over specific work items
  • Provides a pathway to deploy analytic assets into production with seamless integration into the IBM Watson Data Platform
  • Offers a managed, enterprise-grade service

Interest in and adoption of data science in the market is booming with a profusion of new tools, new algorithms, new libraries, and new data sets, such as Twitter and more. Data-driven companies such as Uber and Airbnb have shown the rest of the world what impact world-class data science can have on business results.

Despite the promise of data science, it is not currently easy to harness its power. While there are many tools, most of the tools are siloed, requiring a different skill set and working only on their own data sets. In addition, there are not enough data scientists, with leading consultancies estimating gaps of 200,000–1,500,000 data scientists or managers with data know-how. These challenges mean that it is difficult for the companies to find enough data scientists, and the ones that they do have are overwhelmed.

Data Science Experience Enterprise was designed by data scientists to make data scientists more productive. Data Science Experience Enterprise solves many of the challenges in the current state of data science, enabling companies to more quickly ramp up the impact of data science and to get more out of their existing teams.

Data Science Experience Enterprise enables the companies to do the following:

  • Gain access to ready-to-use, pre-integrated, and managed popular open source tools such as Jupyter Notebooks and RStudio in a single location.
  • Provide access to common data through shared object storage.
  • Collaborate on shared workspaces (projects), enabling new data scientists to improve their data science skills and knowledge of proprietary company data by sharing with and learning from more experienced data scientists.
  • Offer an environment where data scientists can improve their skills by tapping into external content such as reference notebooks, tutorials, sample data, and more.

With Data Science Experience Enterprise, companies can accelerate the expertise and productivity of their data science teams, shortening their transition to data-driven enterprises.

We need your feedback

We will continue adding features to IBM Data Science Experience in a weekly basis. We are continuously looking for your feedback. So far the community provided a lot of good ideas and the product is in constant evolution and improvement — stay tuned, new exciting features are coming!

Official announcement here

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