Thank you for a great 2016

Thank you for helping us make 2016… Epic! 🚀

Here were some of the highlights:

  • We released IBM Data Science Experience in June in San Francisco. The first day we’ve got 1,000 users subscribed to the Close Beta. We opened the Beta in September and went GA in November. Today we are thousands of users and growing quickly! Thanks for your support and for your feedback, we couldn’t have done it without you.
  • We announced the first Enterprise version of Data Science Experience, powered by IBM Spark Enterprise service. Companies can accelerate the expertise and productivity of their data science teams, shortening their transition to data-driven enterprises.
  • We announced IBM Watson Machine Learning that is still in Closed Beta. We are inviting users regularly and refining the service based on your feedback.
  • We collaborated with our partners to include some of their solutions in IBM Data Science Experience such as RStudio or Anaconda Jupyter Notebooks. Our offering is primarily powered by Apache Spark and we became one of the top contributors making it even better and leading the effort on Machine Learning.
  • SPSS Modeler in IBM Data Science Experience is available for some users and will be publicly available soon. We want to make Data Science and Machine Learning as simple as possible for everyone even if you don’t want to code.
  • Collaboration, live chat, git support, R/Python/Scala, version control, Shiny deployment…and a lot more!

We created a model within IBM to move very fast and push new features to the IBM Cloud on a weekly basis and our users and clients are loving it. We operate in an agile fashion like a startup within a big company like IBM. We made a ton of product progress this 2016 and our engineering/design/content teams made enhancements and shipped incredible new features!

All progress was made possible by our amazing team of forward-thinking IBMers who push the boundaries of software development. We are very proud of our 2016 and very excited to continue delighting our users in 2017.

✨ Happy New Year from the Data Science Experience and Watson ML team!

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