What’s new in the open beta

We are so excited to announce that today, 27th of September, IBM Data Science Experience is available for everyone as an open beta.

The product was announced on the 6th of June, and since then we’ve collected feedback to improve the experience and have made the platform more solid and robust. We on-boarded thousands of users since June, and the reactions from the field have been phenomenal. Anyone today can go to Data Science Experience and sign up for free.

These core enhancements have been added to the experience since June:

More community content for a better experience

Our community area features notebooks, articles, data sets and tutorials from the data science community. Grab a sample notebook and start experimenting. There’s something new every day!

Work in context

Add comments, view file activity and related data, and troubleshoot like a pro.


Quickly access your projects and notebooks, the community, RStudio, and any files you recently opened.

Project tabs

In a project get exactly the information you need when you need it. As the context changes, so do your options.

Add data

Quickly add data to a project or notebook by dragging files into the data panel.

What’s new

We are always working to enhance your data science experience. Watch for new feature announcements, community highlights, and more.

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