The Maelstrom Journey

A few days ago, I started on a rather large journey. Interning with the IBM Design Maelstrom program in Austin, TX.

I came here for their design process. I was sold on the place because they told me that they had adapted their corporate process from Stanford D.School’s Design Thinking. As a huge believer in the design thinking process, I had to sign up. So hear I am now, learning more and more every day about IBM’s uniquely scalable design methodology: IBM Design Thinking.

Its been long. Full of lectures, and hours upon hours of collaborative work with my team. But goodness, its been amazing.

There’s something special about being thrown into a group of 15 strangers and told, simply — that you all have to work together to complete something in a matter of days. It’s the (sometimes) overwhelming challenge that we have been given which knits us together as a group, and encourages us to learn as much as we can. As quickly as we can.

Within the insanity, we also have to be careful about our actions and our mindfulness of self. You can’t work well in a team if you aren’t carefully considering your actions. In fact, Adam Cutler, IBM Design Studio Program Director, gave us this short tidbit of advice along the way.

Be authentically thoughtful

Its simple, but clear. Thoughtfulness is important, but so is the way in which you are thinking and sharing your thoughts.

I’ll wrap up for today, but there is far more for me to learn in the coming weeks, as we continue in our projects.