Hi! We’re new here

To Medium, specifically.

We — the developer advocacy team of the Watson Data Platform — have been running a blog on IBM’s developerWorks for the last two years, sharing technical content and code about the services we use and love in and around the Watson Data Platform. Watson, Apache Spark, IBM Cloudant, MongoDB, PosgreSQL, Jupyter Notebooks, Scala, Node, Java, together and separately, in anger and for pleasure, and in front of large and small audiences.

In planning for 2017, we decided to move our work here, to Medium.

We have reasons!

Fear not, fans of the old blog. The IBM Analytics Platform Services Instructional Design team is taking over the developerWorks site that was our home. There, they will continue to share important how-to content for users of the services featured there.

Here’s to 2017, our new Medium, and a steady cadence of high-quality content moving through it. Hope you like it!