Get the Training Data Your Artificial Intelligence Needs With DefinedCrowd

Artificial Intelligence needs data to be properly trained. A lot of data. Currently, it’s estimated that 90% of the data generated globally is unstructured. This makes high-quality structured data expensive and hard to obtain in a useful timeframe. As a result, data scientists often end up scrubbing their own data, which can take up to 80% of their time, and is the least-enjoyable part of the process since data preparation distracts from their core function as a scientist. It has never been so easy to get datasets to train voice recognition systems or chatbots accurately.

We are excited to announce that IBM Watson Studio is partnering with DefinedCrowd, an industry leader in data annotation. DefinedCrowd’s intelligent data infrastructure will enable Watson Studio users to collect, enrich and structure high-quality data for performing AI at scale. These integrated technologies will create a seamless, one-stop solution that combines human intelligence and machine learning capabilities to accelerate enterprise AI initiatives.

DefinedCrowd integration with IBM Watson Studio

IBM Watson Studio is integrating DefinedCrowd’s most in-demand workflows to start (image tagging and text sentiment analysis) and expand over time. DefinedCrowd’s technology also supports extensive use cases in speech technologies, natural language processing, computer vision, and multi-modal user interaction.

Create an annotation job for Sentiment Analysis

IBM Watson Studio has now a direct integration with DefinedCrowd’s data solutions, so users can set up customizable data workflows through a dedicated interface unique to IBM. And as a part of this integration, DefinedCrowd will provide users with quality guarantees to ensure that you get high-performing results. The full potential of an AI model is framed by the quality of the training data fed. DefinedCrowd empowers data scientists globally to compete and differentiate by providing an on-demand solution for high quality training data at their fingertips.

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