ServiceNow Integrates with IBM Watson

Marc Nehme
Oct 16 · 2 min read

Last month, ServiceNow rolled out their latest release (New York) and unveiled a new integration to IBM Watson Assistant for their Virtual Agent. This integration allows any ServiceNow customer to leverage the advanced dialog and AI capabilities of Watson to enhance their ServiceNow Virtual Agent experience.

You can view my demo on Youtube that shows the integration and capabilities in action.

ServiceNow integration to IBM Watson Assistant

Below, I have listed just a few scenarios where you should leverage Watson Assistant with your ServiceNow Virtual Agent…

Multilingual support — as ServiceNow VA supports the English language, you can use Watson Assistant to extend support for many other languages such as Japanese, Arabic or Spanish to name a few.

Digressions — To better manage your virtual agent conversational flow, you can leverage Watson to address questions/intents that may require deviating from intended dialog flows. Watson will keep the conversation on track providing a better client experience.

Autocorrection — End users often do not use correct syntax, specifically in web chats. Watson has built-in machine learning models to allow better interpretation of misspelled words or phrases. This is available out of the box and requires no additional training.

Webhooks to external applications — Watson has the ability to make call-outs to external systems to perform actions. For example, if a customer needs to report an incident, Watson Assistant can make a programmatic call to ServiceNow to create a ticket.

Intent Classification — IBM Watson has the world’s most robust and mature intent classification service, which provides better understanding of your customer questions, with less training data.

All of these key differentiating capabilities of Watson, and more, will provide customers with a much more seamless experience.


IBM Watson

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IBM Watson

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