Watson SDKs Major Release

Animation showing watson anywhere
Animation showing watson anywhere

During Think 2019, IBM announced that Watson’s capabilities would be enabled across any public or private cloud, in addition to being optimized for IBM Cloud.

Over the last few weeks, the Watson Developer Experience team has been working on a major release for all our SDKs. The main goal was to allow Watson users to write code independently of the cloud where it will run.

We’re happy to announce we have completed this major release cycle for the Watson SDKs and they are now publicly available at :

What’s New

  • Cloud Pak for Data (CP4D) support and new authentication mechanisms
  • We separated the way your application authenticates with the Watson services. You can run Watson in a private or public cloud and use the same code. The only change is how you authenticate your application. The code you write will be the same independently of where Watson is running.
  • Spelling suggestions and autocomplete for Discovery on CP4D
  • Visual Recognition V4including support for Object Detection (learn more here). All Watson SDKs now allow you to use V4 in your applications.
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Visual Recognition API Reference for Node.js
Visual Recognition API Reference for Node.js
Visual Recognition V4 API Reference for Node.js
  • All the SDKs now return the HTTP response headers along with the response data.

What’s Next?

  • Migrate your application to use the new SDK version. Each SDK provides a migration guide that depends on the version you are currently using. For example, if you are using Java, the migration guide to v8.0.0 is here.
  • Remember that existing SDK versions will be supported (bug fixing) for one year.
  • Refer to each SDK repository(links above) to see the language-specific changes that have been made in this major release.
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German Attanasio Ruiz is a Senior Software Engineer on the Watson Developer Experience team where he focuses on making Watson APIs easy to use.

Please reach out to German for any questions or comments!

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