Watson Studio Desktop May Subscription Release

Julia Bodea
Jun 4 · 3 min read
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IBM Watson Studio Desktop, the award-winning, client-server offering within our Watson Studio portfolio, is adding a number of exciting new features in its upcoming release.

As a reminder, there are 5 key buckets of features in Watson Studio Desktop:

  1. SPSS Modeler to drag-and-drop your way to data science using a visual interface
  2. Data Refinery to automate data preparation and eliminate repetitive, time consuming tasks
  3. Jupyter Notebooks for programmatic users to leverage the latest in opensource and to combine code and visualizations
  4. Dozens of connectors to access your data wherever it lives
  5. Text Analytics to enable unstructured data analysis with built-in, industry leading dictionaries

Our Watson Studio Desktop May subscription update includes the following new features:

  • Data Refinery can now be used with unlimited file sizes — Just like SPSS Modeler, Data Refinery can now handle unlimited file sizes whether in assets or database connections.
  • Extension Nodes — Users can now embed R or Python snippets in SPSS Modeler streams with Extension Import, Extension Output, Extension Transform, Extension Model, and Extension Export nodes.
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Figure 1. Embed Python snippets in SPSS Modeler with the Extension Output node.
  • Model parameters within Auto-classifier Node — You can do a lot more with a single node! Modeler users using the auto classifier node can specify model parameters, allowing them to run multiple models with custom selections with a single Auto-Classifier node.
  • New Connectors including Planning Analytics (TM1) and SAV — The two most highly requested connectors — Planning Analytics (TM1) and SPSS Statistics (SAV) — have arrived to Watson Studio Desktop! Users can use SPSS Statistics to analyze data and import their unencrypted file into Watson Studio for model development. They can export their SAV files when finished. Similarly, users will be able to import and export Planning Analytics (TM1) and Cognos Analytics file types into and out of Watson Studio Desktop. We have also added the ability to import SAP OData files.
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Figure 2. Use your files from SPSS Statistics with SAV import and export.
  • SPSS Modeler Canvas Design Refresh — Enjoy a revamped SPSS Modeler Canvas design! Watson Studio Desktop’s SPSS Modeler includes new icons, images, node interactivity, and node labels. Take advantage of improved tool-tip info boxes when hovering over each node icon!
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Figure 3. Revamped SPSS Modeler Canvas design.
  • Performance Boost — We heard you! We have incorporated our first steps of performance improvements. Now, Watson Studio Desktop users will be able to switch between components (e.g. from Project Page to Project, Project Page to SPSS Modeler) in half the time.

With its combination of visual, drag-and-drop functionality along with the latest in open source tools, Watson Studio Desktop is ideal for coders and non-coders alike. Work online or offline while keeping data secure on your personal device, and model to your heart’s content without worrying about overage fees. To learn more or try it for yourself, check out the links below!

How do you get started?

Sign up for a free trial

Check out the 30-day Watson Studio Desktop free trial today!

Take the free product tour

Sign up here.

Get expert help

If you are looking for all these capabilities plus the server piece for model deployment and management, let us know here.

Example Projects are your best friend

If you download the trial and don’t know how to start, the Example Projects are a great place to play around! Take advantage of the documentation and already created models to get a feel for the tooling.

Check out the Cloud Offerings

Our cloud-first solutions offer a rich ecosystem of tools with the scalability and flexibility you demand from modern cloud offerings. Check out Watson Studio in the Cloud to get started.

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