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Nikesh kunwar
Aug 11, 2020 · 5 min read

iBriz wants to thank the harmony community for an amazing participation in the AMA session for Harmony’s first mobile wallet “” that was organized on Aug 9, 10:00 PM PDT. The session had more than 60 participants who joined from the harmony community as well as our twitter account.
With such active participation we are looking forward to having more sessions in the coming days. Here is the summary of the AMA Session:

These were some of the questions asked during the AMA.

Q: Can we be able to delegate our $one token via this app?

Ans: Yes , Users can Delegate , Undelegate and also can claim rewards.

Q: We have many wallets for harmony including chrome, other than biometrics security which is great why u suggest to change to this?

Ans: Great question. We look forward to creating a wallet that can adapt and grow with time. Approximately 50% of global internet traffic comes from mobile, and we know that the impact of having a mobile wallet for harmony will be huge. We plan to bring more opportunities for Dapps development with this wallet.

Q: Do I understand correctly the wallet will be ERC20 compatible? Any token on the chain?

Ans: The wallet will support Harmony ONE tokens and HRC20 tokens (harmony version of ERC20) tokens. Yes there are few HRC20 tokens on the harmony chain.

Q: When will we be able to see a fully activated Wallet app? Hope it will be soon

Ans: We will be releasing the app for mainnet soon enough. But in the meantime we will share the updates and what we can further improve with our app. The community will be a big part of it.

Q: Is TrustWallet a competitor of #hMoneyWallet? Each platform has its own strengths so what benefits will users benefit from #hMoneyWallet and vice versa?

Ans: So basically in the hMoney wallet we will have more specific functionality that the Harmony platform has, like the Delegate/ Undelegate feature as well as claiming the rewards which the other general platform doesn’t have in common. It is the strength of the hMoney wallet

Q: Is there any kind of staking available in Harmony’s wallet?

Ans: Yes we will be having staking features in the hMmony Wallet. We are first planning to launch the basic wallet feature during this leg. Once we know that it is stable, we will launch the staking feature.

Q: There are so many competing wallets now, how attractive and secure is the #hMoney to attract users?

Ans: We will support dApps and Defi apps in an aggressive manner to make this the most usable wallet and focus on the day to day usability of the wallet.

Q: Are there any promotional events for users to use hMoney wallets?

Ans: Yes we are planning for different promotional campaigns and events to make the community aware of hMoney wallet and use it.

Q: In Trustwallet you have the option to buy, Harmony wallet too? If not, do you plan to do it?

Ans: yes, definitely we are considering the buy feature in our roadmap

Q: We have a huge community for are you planning for promotion to take it to masses?

Ans: We are planning to reach as many as ONE token holders as possible . Also we are planning to promote outside of the harmony community too. We have various promotional activities planned for promoting the wallet outside the community as well. We plan to bring more innovation and opportunities as we move along which will be our strength for promoting to the larger masses.

Q: DeFi is growing rapidly, hMoney as a wallet provider, do you think you have a role to play? What possibly can be the usefulness of wallets in the development and adoption of DeFi?

Ans: Yes absolutely. Mobile wallet is one of the ways to bring more inclusiveness and we plan to tap into the DeFi opportunities as we move along. We see our mobile wallet as one of the aspects of bringing together these possibilities in one place. And the inclusiveness being one of the factors to help with the efforts.

Q: #hMoney is already loaded on the android app, what about ios? Are they different in appearance and features?

Ans: hMoney wallet will be available in iOS soon with the same experience as in android. We will let the community know once the iOS app is in the store.

Q: has been great, but as an investor, we’re always concerned about the loss to hackers. So has any mode to help users like me be more secure?

Ans: Thank you. Yes we understand and we plan to make it as secure as possible. For now we have password protection and the app also comes with biometric authentication. Security will be our topmost priority for the app.

Q: DeFi is growing rapidly, hMoney as a wallet provider, do you think you have a role to play? What possibly can be the usefulness of wallets in the development and adoption of DeFi?

Ans: We will be looking at it from multiple angles. Here is an article why we know that hMoney will be part of the growing popularity of deFi.,technology%2C%20which%20enhances%20the%20security

Q: Can you expand our knowledge about HMoney Wallet Roadmap this year and the future and any Updates on your Research and development progress?

Ans: For hMoney wallet we plan to tap into DeFi opportunities in the future. We also see opportunities in Dapp development with this wallet. We will soon come up with a roadmap while we work on bringing the current features live on the mainnet.

One area we are keenly exploring is NFT capability in the wallet. We have already a small team from the Harmony community who have a group set up. We are looking for more people who are interested in this feature to allow participants from online gaming to be part of the Harmony eco-system. Please reach out to us if you or anyone you know is interested.

Thank you for your question.

Find more about the wallet HERE
Beta version of wallet : Here

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